It’s Hanbok Time

On Chuseok I dressed Alex up in his hanbok and thought I would attempt to take some nice pictures to send to his Foster mom.  Well… I tried.  He had lots of fun running around the front lawn dressed up – and I had lots of fun trying to get a “good” shot.  These are cute… not what I was hoping for, but hey – I tried.


20 responses

  1. We have the same problem. It’s like the hanboks are laced with sugar or something… every time Olive and Ingrid put theirs on, they run around like maniacs! I love these photos, though – Alex looks blissful!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS…these are fantastic. I totally CRACKED UP at the last two. Oh Alex, you sure know how to have fun. I love Elizabeth’s comment about Hanboks being laced with sugar…I agree! Maybe it is the slippery material…or OUR reactions to their super cuteness. Hmmm.

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