Versatile Blogger Award

I was recently awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from three wonderful blogging friends. First I was nominated by Belinda from Belle and her Boys.  I first met Belinda through email just  over 2 years ago. She had just received her referral for Adam if I remember correctly.  It was funny – we had amazingly so much in common – using the same agency, both adopting from Korea, and we both have had Britanny Spaniels as pets.  We are lucky enough to get together with our boys in our Seoul Brothers gatherings.  Belle has just started up her own blog and I am really looking forward to seeing more of her adventures. 

I was also nominated by Colleen at Adventures of NoahBear. She is the amazing mother of Noah, who was also adopted from South Korea.  Noah has the most amazing infectious smile.  Colleen seems like the type of girl who is always smiling and would be a great friend.  I would love to meet up with her in person some time!

And lastly I was nominated by Sandra at Three Continents : One Family . Sandra is the wonderful mother of the adorable little Ben.  I am a newer reader of Sandra’s blog and really look forward to following her adventures! I also look forward to seeing more of her photos – they are so good!

Here is how the Versatile Blogger Award works:
1) thank and talk about whoever gave you the award
2) share 7 facts about yourself
3) give the award to 7 other bloggers who rock!

7 facts about me:

  1. I cannot whistle, nor can I snap my fingers – at least not properly. I have a way of making a noise with my fingers that in my mind sounds like a snap, but it is definitely not a real snap.
  2. I am obsessed with the weather.  At one point in University I thought perhaps I could be a meteorologist (I was in Geography), but turns out I suck at the science aspect of weather.  So instead I became a Librarian.  Speaking of University, I secretly wish I could go back to university to retake my university classes now that I know how to research properly.
  3. I have an eraser collection. Not the regular old pink rectangles, but fancy erasers in all shapes and colours.  I started collecting when I was about 5 and now have over 500… yes I am a geek.  I will still buy them too when I find a cool one.  Occasionally I put them out on display at the library.  The kids love them.
  4. In my 2nd year of university I was a hair model at the International Hair Show in Toronto for my hair stylist.  We placed 7th out of 20 – not bad for his first show. 
  5. I’ve been in a few car accidents. Like 6 pretty major fender benders, and that does not include all the times my car has been hit while parked on the street or in a parking lot.  Only one was technically my fault, and for 2 I was a passenger, but thanks to no fault insurance, I had pretty high premiums for quite a while.
  6. My favourite song of all time is “Like a Prayer” by Madonna.  My first record, yes I’m of that generation, was “Like a Virgin” by Madonna. I still remember buying it with my mom at Woolco.  In tribute to the Material Girl, here’s the video to “Like a Prayer”.
  7. When I “read” the newspaper, I read the headlines, look at the pictures, and read names of the people in the obits. That’s about it.

So now I’m supposed to nominate a number of people – but pretty much everyone who’s blog I read has been nominated! If you haven’t, you now are!!