Summer’s end

Can you believe it? Today is the last day of Summer.  At times I thought time was passing so slowly – and at other times it flew by in a blur.  It was an incredibly hot summer.  It’s also been a very busy summer.  Here are a few of the highlights: 

  • spent almost two weeks up north
  • bought a plot of land on an island for OUR future cottage
  • visited African Lion’s Safari
  • visited Storybook Gardens
  • visited Boston and finally met Christine and Spencer!
  • attended one of my best friends from University’s wedding
  • ate lots of corn and other fresh produce
  • played in the water.. A LOT
  • Alex started getting his 2 year molars (highlight or lowlight… not sure)
  • Got rid of bottles!

In a tribute to our summer, here are a few pics that didn’t make it to the blog over the last couple of months (at least I don’t think they did…): 

On the way to the cottage... poor Mason.


The boys patiently waiting to go outside.


When will we learn our lesson...




Kayaking with Mommy


Loving the water




Splash! (even though Alex's face looks pained he was LOVING it!)


Cool bulldozer park toy found in Bayfield


Fun at the Ritz family corn roast




Let's hope this is the LAST time we see this boy behind bars (these were from Cheers)


"Assisting" with the unpacking...




We saw lots and lots of trains


Matt and I at my friend Laura's wedding (and my dress from Macy's)


The Korean Drummers at the Stratford Summer Music Festival


Alex enjoyed petting the fish in the freezer


Yikes... but I love my little helper


Trying out a friend's cool ride


That's All Folks!