2yrs 4mos and 3dys

Today Alex is 28 months and three days old.  It is really hard to believe. The last 19 months have just flown by. When he first came to us he was essentially still a baby, but now we have a boy.  It’s just like the song says, “Don’t Blink” because you will miss out on so much!

Here are a few stats on our little guy.

Alex is just under 36 inches tall and 30lbs. Not sure how that ranks on the percentile charts, but our doctor has never been concerned about his growth, so neither have we.  He is wearing 2T pants and 3T shirts. His shoes are size 7 and sometimes an 8.

As I’ve mentioned before, Alex, while he does have his words that he likes to say all the time, he does not have a lot of words. It seems like he won’t say a word until he knows for sure he can pronounce it. As far as comprehension – amazing. Alex knows what we are talking about all the time, and he has an amazing memory. For instance, when in Boston, the day after the whole Puppy being lost saga, we were walking across the street from where we found Puppy when all of a sudden, Alex started pointing at the barricades, saying “Puppy, Puppy”. He’s just amazing.

Here is a list of Alex’s “words” (this is more just for my sake to remember what stage he was at at 28 mos):
puppy, momma, mom, mommy, dada, daddy, dad, pappa, Pat (Matt’s mom), nana (my mom), nana (banana), wawa (water), berry, pool, what, bye, hi, where is ____, food, vrrooommm (train), boat, fish, mine, hoho (Santa), I want ____, bubble, baba, I see, up, walk, yeah, please, bath, wet, hot, cold, apple, berry, broke, stay, Ma (Mason).  Oh yeah… he can say No. He says that a lot. And as of today “Hi Buddy”. I’m sure I’m missing some.

Alex hasn’t had a lot of interest in making animal sounds even though we try to teach him all the time.  He now does neigh, baaa, moo, arf, mew, sssssss, roar, and a funny face for fish.

We see this a lot.

Why? Alex’s bottom 2 yr left molar is through! The bottom right is starting to appear as well.  Honestly it hasn’t been as bad as I expected.  The first few days were tough, but some teething drops helped and now the only hint that something going on is Alex biting on his finger.

For the last few months we have had a potty in the house, and have attempted to get Alex to use it. He has peed on the potty once. But really doesn’t have a whole lot of interest… until now. He has been watching the DVD Elmo uses the Potty and LOVES it! Now he cries if the potty seat isn’t on the toilet. If only he would do something when he sat on the potty. But for now we are just happy that he is getting more comfortable with the seat.  Puppy quite often sits on the floor potty which is pretty cute.

This boy loves to run, to dance, to sing, to play in the water, to play with trains, cars, the sand box… the list goes on. One fun thing we did this summer was set up the slip n’ slide we bought last year and Alex used it as a bit of a road and would drive his tucks up and down the plastic – with the water running. It was a great way for him to keep cool.  

Alex also loves tv. I’m sure he watches too much… He loves Curious George, Caillou, Chuggington for cartoons on TV. Otherwise he loves to watch DVDs such as Tractor Tom (over and over if the has the choice), Elmo, and Elf. Yes, Elf the Christmas show. I’m sure he has watched a bit of that movie every day this summer. He LOVES it! He loves HoHo… aka Santa. I guess it is ok, there are only 110 days to Christmas after all and the Sears wish book is now officially out.

Alex loves to play with other children, but he is pretty shy at the beginning.  But once he warms up, he really enjoys himslef. He loves to say Hi to people and wave. But he does keep close to Matt or I when in new locations, which I am so thankful for.   At least I don’t have to get one of those backpack leashes just yet. 

We have successfully weened Alex from his morning bottle! Back at the end of July I said enough with this and just gave him his morning milk in a cup. He didn’t like it, but eventually drank it.  The next day, I gave him his milk in a cup, again he didn’t like it, but drank the milk.  Now it is not an issue.  Yeah!!

Through the summer we had a rough batch of sleep.  Every night, Alex would wake up around 2am and since Matt and I were so tired, we would bring him into our bed where he would sleep until 7:15.  Alex would also sleep for less than an hour each afternoon. We figured it was due to us going to the cottage and Boston, which obviously messed up his sleep schedule. But the last week of August was a lot better. We have had uninterrupted nights sleep and 2 hour naps. Let’s hope this trend continues…

Alex is still in his crib and rarely climbs out – maybe once per month. We are planning on switching him to a single bed this Fall.  I’m really not ready for that change – it means Alex really isn’t a baby any more…. I know – get over it! Alex’s crib does convert to a double bed, but we are going to use that for a guest room bed.  I must admit I’m looking forward to decorating Alex’s big boy room! I have purchased a couple of prints already (although I can’t find one… ) and have his new bedding picked out.  Now we just need to get the single bed.

So that is where Alex is right now. The twos, while they have had their not so pretty moments (we have plenty of meltdowns and tantrums), they have been really great so far. We can see Alex’s personality coming through and even though I don’t want him to grow up, it is amazing to watch him transform into an amazing little boy.  I can’t wait to see what comes next!