i love dirt!

Back in June I was the lucky winner of the book i love dirt from Kristin at Life in the Hammer Home. i love dirt is a book with 52 different activities to explore the wonders of nature according to the seasons.  I had big plans to do one activity per week all summer long… but well… life happened and that didn’t work out.   Let’s hope for better results in weeks to come.

But it is never too late.  On Monday night Alex and I got dirty! We did activity #15 and played in a pile of dirt.  I recently dug a flower garden beside our deck and have not planted much in it – so we had a perfect playing area. We had shovels and hoes, as well as a few trucks to move the dirt around. 

I really think Alex enjoyed it.  He even wanted to touch the grub we found… yuck! (I was hoping we would find a worm – I’m not afraid of worms… but grubs are just gross)

The activity recommended turing the dirt into mud… but sadly I was not that brave.  Maybe next year.

I’m very keen with Alex geting  into nature.  My only hope is that he doesn’t think that he can always play trucks in my flower garden.

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  1. Hi. I came across your blog from Loving Leah. Our dossier just left for Korea last week. I loved looking at your pictures. Your son is adorable. I can’t wait for our referral!!

  2. Good job, Mama – I’m sure Alex had a great time (who wouldn’t with dirt and trucks?).

    We gave Xander a digging area in the garden at my brother’s and parent’s house and he’s really good at leaving the plants and veggies alone.

  3. I was so excited when I saw the title of this post! Looks like you are enjoying the book. We’re fans of digging in the dirt too! I haven’t been brave enough for mud either.

  4. I learned about the I LOVE DIRT book from Kris’s website and was tree green with envy when I saw you won 🙂 so I ordered it and I have to say, my husband has enjoyed it so much and really pushed these activities on our son. Nice job on keeping on dirt digging, and I agree with you 100% on the grubs.

  5. yuck…grubs ARE gross! we have them down here and they are just fat and well gross. as a kid, i loved making mud pies! i’d take the hose to my mom’s flower beds (which really did not ever have flowers in them..) and then turn the dirt into mud. lol….not sure if i’ll be teaching that to my little one but who knows.

  6. Hooray for dumptrucks and dirt! Alex looks like he is having the time of his life! Can’t wait to hear more about the activities in your book.

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