Boston Day 2 & 3

Our second day in Boston started out pretty similar to our first.  We had breakfast at the hotel, took the shuttle bus and the subway into town. Alex was turning into a pro at riding public transit and loving it! Our first stop of the day was a tour of Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox. We wished we could have watched a game, however they were in Toronto… our home team – go figure. The park is very historical so the tour was pretty interesting – even for me.  I must admit it was pretty cool to be on top of the infamous Green Monster.

After the tour, we wandered through the Bay Back area, taking a wrong turn or two while Alex napped. That was fine – it was a nice day.  Another scorcher, but still quite nice.  I had to stop by the Boston Public Library of course – we didn’t go in, but I took in the beauty of the building.  Hey – it’s what Librarians do on vacation!

We then found the bronze Tortoise and Hare statues in Copley Square. It was kinda neat. As we approached them (because you know I needed a picture), I noticed that the boy who was currently sitting on the tortoise was Korean, and his parents caucasian. He was a few years older than Alex, about 5.  We didn’t speak but I smiled at the mother as they left. I just thought it was neat thinking that that is going to be us in a few years, touring around with Alex. 

After lunch we headed back to the wharf area to try to get onto a boat tour… and as we were walking… I found Winter and Summer Streets… where you can find Macy’s! I know you guys are all thinking what’s with this girl being so obsessed with shops like Target and Macy’s. In Canada we don’t have those stores – and I know from your blogs and from my previous Macy experience that we HAD to have to go in.  And I did not leave empty handed! I got a beautiful Nine West dress for a wedding this past weekend… perfect.  Then we wandered some more and discovered Marshalls.  Great store if you don’t mind scouring racks. We have a similar store in Canada called Winners, but it doesn’t have nearly the brands available.  Matt got quite a few good deals and I found a few things for Alex – including some cool plaid shoes.

Eventually we made it back to the wharf and got our tickets for the USS Constitution Cruise. It took us through the inner harbour to the Charlestown Navy Yard which was perfect. I had wanted to visit the Navy Yard but time wasn’t allowing it ,so at least we go to see the ship from afar.  Alex was yet again gaga over being on a new form of transportation – his true new love – a boat. And he was sure to point out all the other boats on the water – including one crazy boat that looked like a bus. I wish we had a better family shot – but Alex was  into making strange faces for the camera as you can tell.

After the tour we headed to Legal Seafood for some fresh Atlantic seafood. My lobster was fantastic. Matt enjoyed his medley of shellfish.  Unfortunately Alex was not at his best in the restaurant… It had been a long few days and he needed some serious rest. So back to the hotel for some R&R – and packing.

We had decided that we would try to drive straight through home on Thursday – and stop overnight if needed.  It was a 900+km drive (just under 600 miles) and we did it in just about 12 hours.  We stopped for gas, for lunch, bypassed the outlet mall since Alex was sleeping (boo!), and then we were at the border. We were through the border in just a few minutes which was a huge relief. Had dinner in Niagara Falls and then were home by 9pm. It was a LONG day – but Alex was amazing.  I think he watched the Tractor Tom dvd at least 4 times… [don’t judge – you gotta do what you gotta do – and we don’t make a habit of it 🙂 ] Red licorice was also very handy.  But it sure felt so good to come home and sleep in our own bed… 

Along the way we discussed next year’s road trip.  We think it will be … Chicago!

10 responses

  1. Another great day of your vacation. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of your new dress! I am very impressed that you drove straight for 12 hours!! That is a long day of traveling, but worth it to sleep in your own bed at night!

  2. Sounds like another fun day. I’m impressed too that you drove for 12 straight hours, wow!

    Also, isn’t it neat when you see another family with an adopted child and you notice each other? You don’t have to say anything, but there is some sort of bond there and it’s said with a smile.

  3. I forgot everything I read when I got to the last part…Chicago!! That would be awesome. We’d love to meet your family!

    The rest of your time in Boston sounds so fun. What a great vacation!

  4. So fun! Love that you hit Macy’s and Marshalls. And um… we’re gonna need to see the dress. 🙂
    WOW, that’s a lot of driving in one day! Brave mama and daddy! And way to go Alex!!!

  5. well, i’m with Christine K, i forgot everything when i read the last line! eek! how fun would that be? we can’t wait to meet you!

    i love that you visited the library, Fenway park looks awesome, and love the funny winky eye face that Alex is making in your family picture. what a goof! holy cow, 12 hours on the way home! you guys are awesome!

  6. Is it bad that what I took from this post is that you don’t have Target stores in Canada?! Wow. I had no idea! I’m sorry you weren’t able to visit one, but at least you got Macy’s and Marshall’s in! Sounds like you had a great trip.

  7. If you ever want to drive down our way for a visit, I’ll take you across the border for some great shopping – oh, the stores I could show you!!

    I’m in for Chicago next summer if we haven’t brought home baby #2 yet 🙂 .

  8. No Target? Oh the horror!! Looks like you guys had a really nice visit to Boston. I do love that city. What a long drive home – eek! Oh, I would never ever judge DVD watching on a journey like that. Sheesh. Welcome back!

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