Day 1 in Boston

On Tuesday we woke up and got prepared for our first big day in Boston.  We had breakfast at the hotel, took the shuttle bus to the subway and then the subway into town.  Alex was in heaven. He thought it was so cool to go on not just a bus, but also a train!  When the subway would come for the other direction… and then leave, he would cry and cry… have I mentioned that Alex loves trains?

We had planned to meet up with Christine and Spencer at the New England Aquarium, but unfortunately due to traffic she was running a few minutes behind, so Matt, Alex and I wandered around the wharfs looking at the boats.  Alex was in awe yet again… he is also in love with boats.  When we got the text that Christine had arrived, we walked to the Aquarium and found her and Spencer watching the “otters” – sea lions.  It was so nice to finally meet them! After giving Christine a big hug, I took in Spencer. What a little man! He shook our hands and said hello – so mature 🙂 Alex was a little quiet – just taking it all in.  We went into the aquarium and checked out the penguins and the fish which were pretty cool. It’s amazing to think that there really are so many species of fish! For Alex was I think a little overwhelmed by it all.  The aquarium was quite busy for having just opened – at least when you compare it to attractions we go to around home. 

When the boys decided they were done, we ventured outside to Quincy Market to grab a bite to eat.  We were treated to a fantastic lunch at Wagamama (thanks Christine!). The boys loved their wontons and the noodles from my chicken ramen.  For a while it was a little hectic.  Both boys were trying to use chop sticks… in my soup.  Spencer as I’m sure you have noticed from C’s blog, is quite photogenic. He loves to smile for the camera!

And the boys were “bribed” with ice cream.

After lunch we did some sight-seeing. We saw Faneuil Hall, the State House, the Granery Cemetary, Beacon Hill (but not Acorn Street, it was closed for  a photo shoot), Cheers, the Make Way for Ducklings, and eventually ended up at the Frog Pond in Boston Common.  Christine was a great tour guide – I highly recommend her to anyone visiting Boston 😉  Along the way the boys fell asleep and we got to chat.  It was wonderful to finally talk with her after over 2 years of blog posts, messaging, and emails.

Now it was a hot day… very hot.  Supposedly it was only 29 (84) degrees, but the humidity was crazy.  Alex was sweating before 10am – that is how hot it was.  So we had a blast letting the boys (and us) cool down in the pond.

Unfortunately it was soon time for Christine and Spencer to head home. It was at this time that the unimaginable happened.  We discovered that Puppy, Alex’s stuffed husky dog, that he must have with him ALL the time, was missing.  We started checking the pictures to see when we last had him… looked like Quincy Market.  We had walked miles since then and our feet were already sore. So, we thought we will say farewell, then try to retrace our steps as much as we could.

It was sad to say good bye to Christine and Spencer, but hopefully we will meet again soon! Spencer gave Alex a big hug and I gave one to Christine, and we waved so long.

We started retracing our steps… back through Boston Common (checking out the homeless people’s carts), through the cemeteries, peeking into garbage cans, thinking our cause was hopeless. I should mention that Alex also realized that puppy was missing.  He was crying and crying for puppy… it was heart breaking.  But then I saw him…

I tell ya – besides meeting Christine and Spencer – this was the best moment of the day! We started laughing… I almost started to cry I was so happy. Alex had a giggle when he saw Puppy – but after that he didn’t let Puppy out of his sight – and we ensured Puppy was well strapped into the stroller.  He was just across the street from the State House – about the place where Alex had fallen asleep. Someone obviously realized that this was one well loved animal and someone would be looking for him so they placed it on a concrete barrier.  Thank you nice stranger!

We went back to Quincy Market for an early dinner at a great mexican restaurant and celebrated.  Then it was a nice stroll around Long Wharf and back to the subway and bus to the hotel to rest our swollen feet and enjoy some air conditioning.  Thank you Christine and Spencer for making our first day in Boston so enjoyable!

15 responses

  1. Wow–what an awesome day! I love seeing the pictures of you and Alex with Christine and Spencer. Bloggy friends meeting is so much fun! I’m so glad you found Puppy, too.

  2. Oh man… I was worried about Puppy there for a bit! I can’t even imagine the pit in your stomach while you were searching for him 😦
    But what a wonderful visit!!! Love when blog worlds collide. And the photo of the boys hugging? awesome.

  3. oh my goodness that sounds like an awesome day…all around! makes me want to visit boston! those pictures of alex and spencer are just too cute! love that you were able to find puppy…i believe i remember you posting quite a while ago what it’s like to spend the night without puppy. 😉

  4. it’s great to see you and Christine in photos together and seeing your boys playing! meeting bloggy friends is the best! i nearly cried when i saw the picture of puppy. i was panicked as i was reading, thinking you were going to say he was gone. what a kind stranger to rescue him. maybe you should tattoo your email address onto him somewhere!

  5. What a great day – it’s so nice to finally meet blogging buddies (and hopefully we’ll be next!). Thank goodness that you found puppy!!

  6. I couldn’t believe Puppy was lost! So sad for Alex!!! I’m so glad you all found him, whew!

    I loved reading about your time with C and S. It’s so great seeing you all together those pictures! Being able to meet great online friends is wonderful!!!

  7. This was so much fun to read. It’s so great to see you all together. And bless the kind soul who set Puppy in a safe place… wow, that would have been a terrible end to a great day to go home without Puppy!

  8. What a great day of sightseeing in Boston, with fabulous tour guides. I cannot believe the story of puppy!! Isn’t it amazing how something like that can feel akin to loosing your wallet or purse?? I hope you celebrated with a BIG glass of wine!!

  9. I’m so happy you guys met C and S after being friends online for two years!! Isn’t it fun to see Spencer in action? Oh man, the puppy incident sure gave me a scare, I bet you were totally panicking!

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