Road Trip! Getting There

Matt and I have plans to visit many of the big cities in Canada and the US (and hopefully Europe).  We’ve gone to Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Victoria, Toronto (obviously), Buffalo, New York, Cleveland, and Seoul (of course!).  And this summer we added Boston to our list! Why Boston? Well it is a beautiful city with a lot of history – and it is driveable. And it was an especially special location since Christine, one of my first blogging buddies, lives near there. 

On Sunday we left nice and early and started towards Buffalo where we would cross into the US.  This was the nerve-racking part of the trip.   I knew it was supposed to be simple enough to get Alex across with his Korean passport – but since it was our first time, I was nervous.  I had his passport and a copy of the adoption order, but about an hour into the trip I realized we didn’t have his Permanent Resident Card with us – and I wasn’t sure if that was something we were going to need.  When we go to the border, we waited for over an hour to get to the booth to show our passports – the traffic was crazy. After dealing with a not so nice man in the booth, we had to go into the Customs office to get Alex’s visa into the US. There we waited for yet another hour – not good when it was lunch time.  But all things considered – Alex was an absolute gem.  We got the visa and hit the road for the short trip to Syracuse where we were spending the night. (and no – you do not need a PRC with you – but I’m sure it would be useful if needed).

[For those who are Canadian readers, you can travel with your child and their Korean Passport easily to the US so long as the passport has the hard cover.  That means there is an embedded US Visa Waiver in it.  You just need to fill out a I-94 document at the border and you are through (thanks Emily!).  The visa is good for 3 months – then it has to be turned back in to the border.  It costs $6 US.]

We didn’t know how Alex was going to be in the car so we had decided to break the trip up into two for the way there. Luckily Alex was great in the car.  We had lots of snacks and we had purchased a portable DVD player – that was the best investment… that and a bunch of movies from the Library.   Once in Syracuse we went out for dinner and hit the hay – we were all pretty tired by this point.

The next morning was up early again and off to Boston. We were quite shocked at the beauty of NY state and Massachusetts.  I’m not sure why we were surprised – but we were.  The mountains were gorgeous and the small towns we overlooked as we drove were sweet and quaint.  We did what all Canadians do while in the US – stopped at an outlet mall in Lee where we picked up some good deals on clothes and had a quick lunch.  From there it was 2 hours to Boston.

I must admit we were actually very unorganized for this trip. No map – just our GPS to guide us – and looking back that was not the best decision.  So it wasn’t surprising when we got lost getting to our hotel.  The nice thing about getting lost is that we ended up at Revere Beach, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean – gosh it was beautiful! Once we got back on track with the GPS we arrived at our hotel. The hotel was quite nice – there was a pool, a shuttle to the subway station, and a complementary breakfast.  One problem – there was a Targ*t across the street but the Mass Turnpike was between us and the store – not an easy street to cross as you can imagine.  So no Targ*t for Krista 😦

After some not so award winning pizza like the brochure said… we got all settled in and ready for the day ahead…