Our Little Retreat

It’s official.  Matt and I are impulsive.

Just under a month ago we put in an offer on a piece of property up in cottage country – and as of yesterday it is officially ours!

It’s an island lot on Lake Cecebe, which is about a 30min drive from Matt’s parent’s cottage. It is vacant right now – jut a lot of trees – but we have some big plans – a dock, then a shed, then a bunkie and eventually a cottage (like in 15 years).

So… does anyone know how to wield an axe? We may need some help.

20 responses

  1. Looks beautiful and of course we will help with whatever you need.

    My uncle also said he’d be happy to build whatever you need- remember he does houses/renovations/carpentry?- he’s in orillia so not too, too far (I did tell him where you said it was). It’s worth an estimate to see if you’d get a friend/family discount!

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