When the boys are away….

This momma is going to sleep!

Matt has gone away until late Saturday with Alex AND Mason, leaving me alone for 4 days.  I must admit – I’m really looking forward to this time alone.  While I already miss my boys – I really need this break.  For the last few weeks we have gotten in to a bad sleep pattern where Alex is in our bed by 1:30am every night – and will only calm down for me, so I’m going to be catching up on some very much-needed sleep.  I had a girls night last night (Wine Wednesday), I hung up some art / pictures around the house, did a little shopping, and have started getting some curtains hemmed for our living room (they have been giant puddles since March). I’m eating the meals that I want (like a whole spinach pizza last night), eating my favourite snacks (Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn), and enjoying a glass or two of wine.

So when my boys do come home, I will be rejuvenated, less stressed, and one happy mommy!

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  1. A well deserved break! Get lots of sleep, eat lots of yummy treats, read a good book or two, and watch a chick flik! Enjoy!

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