Storybook Gardens

On Tuesday Alex and I had another date – this one to Storybook Gardens! We were supposed to double date with Emily, Jeremy and Xander, but unfortunately X was under the weather (feel better little man!).  It was a HOT HOT day, but luckily there was a lot of shade and a lot of water features to cool off in.  We went on the giant jungle gyms (shaped like boats which were a huge hit), saw the ducks, the donkeys, played in the splash pad, and saw the sea lions.  unfortunately Humpty Dumpty was under construction (he must really have had a fall), and he was unavailable for  viewing.  But most importantly we go to go on a little train that went around Springbank Park.  That was I’m sure Alex’s highlight of the day.  We are hoping to go again later this summer or early Fall with E & X, so I’m sure it will be even more fun then!

We had gone last year, but most of the activities were way too mature for Alex (except the water park) – Last year at SBG

This year at SBG

I discovered how difficult it is to take good pictures when you are at this sort of place alone.  I do however have many pictures of Alex “driving boats” (aka boa ).

(and from later in the day)

I think Alex truly enjoyed himself.  I can tell firstly because within a few minutes of leaving Alex was fast asleep for our whole ride home. And secondly – because of this smile.