Go Wild!

One of the nice things about having a young child is that you get to visit all the fun destinations you enjoyed as a child.  On Friday, Matt and I took Alex to African Lion Safari, which was something we both enjoyed as kids.  If you live in South Western Ontario – it is a must visit.  What the African Lion Safari is an animal park where you are caged up (you get to drive around or take the Safari bus like we did).  You get VERY close to the animals – baboons literally jump on your car and the ostriches will peck at their reflection in your car windows thinking they are getting food.  The ostrich is not a smart bird.  The animals live in large reserves where they get to roam free. There is also a splash pad (Yeah! It was over 30C that day), a boat ride, a train ride, and other various attractions.  We went with some friends who have a little guy just a few months younger than Alex, and that made it even more fun. 

Smile! On the bus venturing out on our Safari.

Who ran over my lunch? (told you we were close)

Hayley, Henry & Randy

A leisurely boat cruise - to check out some monkeys.

Time to get WET!

Weee!!! It was hot, I didn't mind at all!

Now, have you ever had one of  those moments where you feel like you are a horrible parent?  We had one just after the splash pad.  I thought it could be fun to go on the little train that took you to the camels and various other animals.  Alex is a HUGE fan of trains right now.  He makes everything and anything into a train, and watches Th*mas the Train every chance he gets.  Mind you he doesn’t like brushing his teeth with his Thomas toothpaste… but that is a different issue.  So, we go to the train line and it is long… like a 30 minute plus wait, it was very hot – and it was well into nap time. So we decided let’s forget it and just go home.  Everything would have been fine… but as we were walking away the train rolled into the station.  Alex freaked.  He cried. He screamed. He tried to crawl out of his stroller.  We felt horrible.  All this little guy wants is to go on a train and we failed.  It WILL happen next week at Storybook Gardens (right E!).