A week away

On Wednesday we got back from a fantastic week away at Matt’s parent’s cottage in the Almaguin Highlands (just north of Huntsville – where the G8 was just held).  The first two days were spent hanging out with Matt’s parents and his nephew Zach.  Sadly we missed one very important thing while packing – Alex’s new fishing pole.  We did find a substitute, but this little fisherman wanted a REAL fishing pole, something with a hook. It was quite the dangerous scene out on the dock as you might imagine.  He did catch a few fish though, so he must have the Robinson’s touch. 

And like any good getaway, there was some dancing.  Seem’s our little boy is a bit of a Lady Gaga fan.

And there was a lot of food consumed. We attempted pudding again… still quite a mess.

 On Canada Day, Matt’s parents left, and our friends Todd, Staci and their son Jackson came up to spend a few days with us.  We had a great time, enjoyed the water, the ATV, had great food, and perhaps a cocktail or two… or three.  The one real thing that was great with our friends visiting is that Alex slept REALLY well – Jackson wore Alex out!

Like any little guy that visits the cottage, Alex was immediately drawn to the ATV.  He LOVED the ATV.  If he wasn’t on the ATV, he was playing with toy ATVs. 

For the last few days, we explored new areas in the region, swam, and most importantly, relaxed.   And tried to get away for the insane heat.  Yuck!

Well…. we relaxed until the last day. It’s a long story, but the key to the lock on the boat went missing.  We spent over 4 hours searching for that stinking key, and we never did find it before we left.  Luckily the key was found by Matt’s mom a few days later.  Phew!

It’s never easy leaving this place.  We are so lucky to have access to such a beautiful retreat.  But getting home, to our own beds is quite nice too.