Summer Plans

This summer we have some big plans!

First, next week we are heading north to the family cottage for almost 2 glorious weeks… We invited a family we know to come up for a few days over the long weekend – should be a fun time!  Last year Alex had just learned to walk, now that he no longer walks, and mainly runs, it will be a whole new adventure.  I think it will be a hard time keeping Alex out of the boat and off the ATV.

At the end of July, we are heading once again to Story Book Gardens, this year we will meet up with Emily, Jeremy and Xander!

In August, we are heading down south of the 49th to Boston – can you guess who we will be meeting?  We want to visit all the major cities in the North America over our lives, so this will be our third in the US (we’ve been to New York and Cleveland – does that qualify as a major city?)  Hmmm – where to next year….

We have a few other things we want to do – visit the African Lion’s Safari, the beach, various splash pads, and hopefully there will be other fun adventures to be had.  Possibly A Day Out With Thomas….

What are your big plans for the summer?

12 responses

  1. Sounds wonderful! I wish our timing weren’t so off because I’d love to see Alex (I mean, you) 😉

    Btw if you can catch Thomas, it’s really cool. We did it with Minh last year while in the US and it was wonderful.

    We are gearing up for a month long roadtrip from here (Holland) through the French Alps, Tuscany and an undetermined Italian Island. Camping and hiking! A few days after that we hop on a plane to the US for a wedding and to see family.

    Hans has a particularly long break between projects- this is not usual!

  2. Awesome. Great summer plans. Let me know what dates in August you are planning on going to Boston. We could hop a train for a meet-up as well.

  3. Fun! I’m getting a little green with all of these bloggy reunions! We will be in the DC area in August incase you want to see more of the East coast!

  4. Wow, I want to go meet Thomas! It does not look like he comes thru Virginia at all on the schedule. Bummer.
    Sounds like a fun summer you have ahead! Our only plans are Va beach for a long weekend sometime later this summer. Saving the big bucks for our referral. (wink!)

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