And on to today.  First off – Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there!  I hope you all had a very special day with your kids and your dads.

A rough start here yet again today – 5:30am… but luckily he fell back to sleep until 6:30am – which is still way too early – but better than 5:30. We let Matt sleep in until 8, then gave him a present of a new watch, a GPS, and a homemade card from Alex.  After a brunch of eggs and bacon, Matt went fishing with his Dad for the afternoon and Alex and I want up to the family cottage in Bayfield with my mother in law, 2 nieces, a nephew, and my sister-in-law (yes, 7 in one vehicle is a tight squeeze).  We had fun playing on the beach and just hanging out with family. 

Nephew Tyson buried in the sand... sporting the Bieber hairdo.

Kylie also buried in the sand - so much fun!

Alex playing with the sand.

Alex playing with Daddy's coho.


Giggling with Daddy

I won’t say bedtime was any fun tonight – but hopefully tomorrow we can get back on track with our regular schedule… praying for a 7:15 wake up tomorrow!

11 responses

  1. well i’m glad one of you got some extra sleep! ugggh. i hope there is more sleep in your future!!! glad you had a fun day despite the early wake up!

  2. Caiden too, used to wake up around that age at 5am or 5:30- occasionally he still does- lately he’s been more like 7 or 7:30, but we did have a 6:20am wake up this weekend after being up until 10pm!!!

    I wish I had more tips- there seems to be no rhyme or reason…you’ve got the white noise, dark shades, night light, water?? Snack before bed so he’s not waking up hungry?

  3. Happy Father’s Day! Jaden made his dad a card this year, too. The end result was pretty cool — LOTS of scribbling and even a little drool where he kissed the card for dad. Adorable. Hope you are getting some more sleep!

  4. 5:30 is completely “typical” around here…or maybe 5:45 if we’re really lucky. Sigh. I keep hoping he’ll start sleeping later…but hasn’t happened yet…so I guess I should stop hoping, right?

    Cute photo of your boys together. Happy Father’s Day. LOVE the orange outfit too.

    Coho salmon? YUM!!

  5. Aw, that last picture is so sweet. It stinks that he’s waking up so early. I hope that changes and you get back into a routine.

    I hope your husband had a great father’s day!

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