I miss…

…having a garden.  The smell of these peonies, bought at the local farmer’s market, are just divine. 

The goal this year is to get our wild lawn under control (it was seeded rather than sodded, so lots and lots of clover, some crazy creeping vine, jacob’s ladder, and thistles), and we need to plant some trees.  Next year, a veggie garden in the back, and a flower garden in the front.   I’m going to enjoy designing our gardens, but, I’m not going to enjoy the back breaking labour it is going to require.

Who am I kidding – Matt’s going to do the digging – I’m not 🙂

Splish Splash

On Sunday we had our final swimming lesson at the Y until the Fall.  It was essentially just a play time, and not surprisingly, Alex had the most fun in the water on Sunday than he had all year! While Alex did do well on his swimming report card, it was noted that he does need to work on his kicking – he loves to jump from the side of the pool – but kicking in the water – no.  Kicking out of the water – yes.  I think he is just too busy watching the other kids.

Look who has decided it is ok to smile for the camera?!