Books on my bedside table

I haven’t updated you on what I’m reading in a very long time! Not that I’ve been reading much – I have a toddler – n’uf said.  I don’t know why I do this to myself – but currently I have quite a few books piled up – all pleasure reading, and a few of them are on the large side.

Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacob

I just started this one yesterday – it’s for my mommy chick lit book club.   It’s about a little yarn shop in Manhattan where a group of regulars start a knitting club where they talk about love and life.  I’ve read a review that says it is like the YaYa Sisterhood for a new generation.  So far – so good.

The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon

This is book 5 in the Outlander series, featuring Claire and Jaime Fraser – a true love story that literally spans centuries.  I adore this series – and have been pacing myself so that the story never ends – but now I just want to find out what happens so I’m trying to get this one read. It is  almost a 1000 pages, and considering I usually get 3-10 pages read a night before I’m fast asleep – it might take me a while.  In this book the American Revolution is about to happen and since Claire (a 20th century person now living in the 1700’s) she knows about it and tries to protect her family and property with her knowledge.  Will she? I don’t know.  I’m only 2 chapters in.

I highly recommend this series if you haven’t started it yet – I think it is up to 7 titles now.

To Die For by Linda Howard

I am a big Linda Howard fan – but sadly this book is not living up to many of her better titles (like Open Season).  It is a real predictable read – murder witnessed by a single woman, falls for the police officer protecting her… you get the drift.  I’m only about half way through – and think it will stay that way for some time.

World Without End by Ken Follett

This is the sequel to Pillars of the Earth (which is coming out in a TV mini series this summer!). In the story of the people in the town where the grand cathedral was built in Pillars, are now dealing with new technologies (1400 style) – medicine, justice etc, as well as the black plague.  The book is again over 1000 pages, so it will take quite a while to get through.   I highly recommend this series too.

And lastly…. hee hee hee…

What the Librarian Did by Karina Bliss

I’m saving this one for a hot day on the beach.  Love the title – love the picture – and the best thing is – is that the main character’s last name is Robinson – isn’t that too funny!!  Harlequins are pure and simple fluff – but so much fun. The stereotypes are just ridiculous – but I can’t resist.

So there you have it! What are you reading?