My Little Alarm Clock…

Since we moved into our new house, I have not had to set the alarm clock (except for the time I took the train at 5:5am… cruel, cruel, cruel).  You see I have the cutest alarm clock – his name is Alex.  When we first moved, Alex would wake up anytime between 6 and 6:30am – so no reason to set an alarm.  Since the beginning of June however, things have been getting better.  My alarm has been waking me up at 7, 7:15am, which is just perfect.  However, today my alarm clock got lazy.  He woke me up at 8am.  8am! I’m not really complaining, especially when we are just about to go on vacation, but Matt and I both had to be at work for 9, and I had to  put the house in order for the cleaning lady.  So mad dash this morning!  Luckily we made it pretty much on time – just a few minutes late.

Summer is officially here…

How can I tell you might ask? It’s not just the hot sticky days, or the fact that the days are much longer, and not just the fact that Matt is almost done work for two months… it’s that we hit our first splash pad!  This is a new pad in Mitchell, just outside Stratford – it isn’t very big, but perfect size for a toddler.  It is also just down the street from my good friend  Beth’s place – perfect for playdates.

 Hmmm – I think he liked it – what do you think?

Summer Plans

This summer we have some big plans!

First, next week we are heading north to the family cottage for almost 2 glorious weeks… We invited a family we know to come up for a few days over the long weekend – should be a fun time!  Last year Alex had just learned to walk, now that he no longer walks, and mainly runs, it will be a whole new adventure.  I think it will be a hard time keeping Alex out of the boat and off the ATV.

At the end of July, we are heading once again to Story Book Gardens, this year we will meet up with Emily, Jeremy and Xander!

In August, we are heading down south of the 49th to Boston – can you guess who we will be meeting?  We want to visit all the major cities in the North America over our lives, so this will be our third in the US (we’ve been to New York and Cleveland – does that qualify as a major city?)  Hmmm – where to next year….

We have a few other things we want to do – visit the African Lion’s Safari, the beach, various splash pads, and hopefully there will be other fun adventures to be had.  Possibly A Day Out With Thomas….

What are your big plans for the summer?


And on to today.  First off – Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there!  I hope you all had a very special day with your kids and your dads.

A rough start here yet again today – 5:30am… but luckily he fell back to sleep until 6:30am – which is still way too early – but better than 5:30. We let Matt sleep in until 8, then gave him a present of a new watch, a GPS, and a homemade card from Alex.  After a brunch of eggs and bacon, Matt went fishing with his Dad for the afternoon and Alex and I want up to the family cottage in Bayfield with my mother in law, 2 nieces, a nephew, and my sister-in-law (yes, 7 in one vehicle is a tight squeeze).  We had fun playing on the beach and just hanging out with family. 

Nephew Tyson buried in the sand... sporting the Bieber hairdo.

Kylie also buried in the sand - so much fun!

Alex playing with the sand.

Alex playing with Daddy's coho.


Giggling with Daddy

I won’t say bedtime was any fun tonight – but hopefully tomorrow we can get back on track with our regular schedule… praying for a 7:15 wake up tomorrow!


Saturday… man, I’m tired just remembering back to what all happened!  The day started at a bright and early 5:30am – yes that’s right ladies. 5:30am.  Little Alex decided it was time to wake up for some unknown reason.  And this was quite a shocker since for the last 2 weeks, we have had sleepins until 7 or 7:15 (which has been just perfect).  Normally I would just go with the flow of him waking up early, but it was the day of our garage sale! I was planning on rising at 6, so an extra few minutes wasn’t the end of the world for me. But for poor Matt who was on Alex duty Saturday, it was a very early start to the day.  My good friend Kelly came over to help with the sale – which was enough of a success for what we had to get rid of.  We got rid of about half of the stuff that was out there, and I made a few bucks so I was happy.  The garage sale was over by 12 – but by 12:30, I had to be on the road to a friend’s bridal shower about 90 min away – and we had to be there for 2pm – yikes! So I hopped in the shower, blew dry my hair, ate a few bites of K-D, and got Alex dressed and in the car for the ride. The shower was for Laura, one of my housemates from University.  The other housemate, Sarah, and her daughter Gracyn drove with us to the shower – and do you think Alex napped? Nope.  But he wasn’t whiney or crying so that was fine.  It was great to see Laura – it had been almost 2 years since I saw her last, it is just amazing how quickly time flies once children are in the picture.  Luckily there were no crazy games at the shower – just one, that I won!  Here are a few pics from the shower (which was held on a horse farm). (And Lisa, if you are reading this – it was at Aimee K’s place-  she said she knows you!) 

Alex and Gracyn (just after a kiss!)

Laura and her daughter Alyssa

Alex in awe with the horses

After checking out the horses, we drove home – both children were fast asleep within minutes! Once home, I made dinner, put Alex to bed, went to the grocery store, took Mason for a walk, ran into old and new neighbours, hung out with them for a while, finally got home and went to sleep. 

Are you tired yet?

I miss…

…having a garden.  The smell of these peonies, bought at the local farmer’s market, are just divine. 

The goal this year is to get our wild lawn under control (it was seeded rather than sodded, so lots and lots of clover, some crazy creeping vine, jacob’s ladder, and thistles), and we need to plant some trees.  Next year, a veggie garden in the back, and a flower garden in the front.   I’m going to enjoy designing our gardens, but, I’m not going to enjoy the back breaking labour it is going to require.

Who am I kidding – Matt’s going to do the digging – I’m not 🙂

Splish Splash

On Sunday we had our final swimming lesson at the Y until the Fall.  It was essentially just a play time, and not surprisingly, Alex had the most fun in the water on Sunday than he had all year! While Alex did do well on his swimming report card, it was noted that he does need to work on his kicking – he loves to jump from the side of the pool – but kicking in the water – no.  Kicking out of the water – yes.  I think he is just too busy watching the other kids.

Look who has decided it is ok to smile for the camera?!