May 24 Weekend

During the May 24 weekend, Canadians are extra happy that they are part of the British Commonwealth.  Why? We get a holiday to celebrate the late Queen Victoria’s birthday!   Normally we pack up the vehicle and head north to spend the holiday at Matt’s family’s cottage – but this year we stayed close to home and just relaxed.  No long weekend traffic, no black bugs, it was pretty nice.  Instead, we went to a birthday party, to dinner at Nate, Matt’s brother’s house, went out for drinks with friends, hung around the house and did yard work, and played in the newly fenced in yard.  It was so nice…. For the most part.

You see, poor Alex has had a bit of a… sour stomach – ALL WEEKEND.  Poor guy – not sure what caused it – something he ate, his molars, or just a bug.  But I tell you – we have not had diapers like this before. Not EVER.  Not fun at all.  Luckily Alex is in pretty good spirits.  I just hope it goes away soon – I’m not sure what the sitter is going to think tomorrow.  Oh yeah – sleep is still an issue – but an issue for another day.


Camera question ladies – what do you use to do basic editing with your pics? My camera didn’t come with anything (that I can see) – do you use Photoshop?

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  1. oh no! poor Alex! i feel pretty bad for you guys too! i’m sorry that sleep is still an issue. i’ll have Cohen give Alex a call and tell him it’s ok to sleep all night in his new room :).

    thanks for the tip on the vinyl table cloth! i looked in one of my drawers and found one that i had bought on sale for camping and it turned out to be the wrong size for camping, but the right size for my dining room table! score!

    as for editing. my husband edits in photoshop and then uses lightroom. i’m an idiot when it comes to photoshop, so i use picasa and then if i have time – lightroom.

  2. Poor, Alex! Xander has had the same thing on and off (I think it’s all the extra drool he’s consuming due to 2 year old molars). He seems to deal with it during the day. It’s the worst in the middle of the night, so we use gripe water. It seems to help him!

    I use photoshop to edit my pictures 🙂

  3. Oh man, a sour stomach and rough sleep? Poor guy. Sounds like you still managed to have a nice holiday weekend though.

    As for picture editing, I’m still trying to figure that out. My husband edits for me with Corel Paint Shop Pro, which I find really confusing.

  4. I swear sometimes the BEST vacations are just staying at your house on a long weekend and avoiding the craziness. I hope Alex is feeling better though 😦

    As for editing, I’m usually way too lazy to do any BUT when I do, I either use iphoto (for quick stuff like cropping) and lightroom for slightly more sophisticated stuff.

  5. Photoshop Elements 8… Matt can borrow it from the Media Centre for free. It’s awesome.

    I hope Alex is feeling better! Paige used to get the runs (and a low grade fever) whenever she was teething 😦

  6. These photos are cute. LOVE the slide shot.
    Little D had a stomach like this a few weekends ago…and it was terrible…at least the diapers were…the sheer # was staggering.

    I use some kind of Canon software for editing…I suspect it must have come with a previous camera we had. I don’t do much…maybe some cropping (to get a shot close-up) or to attempt to get it more focused…but usually I don’t use anything. I sometimes wish we had photoshop…as in to photoshop things OUT of pictures. 🙂

  7. Poor Alex!!! Is he feeling better?! When spencer had the “stomach bug” a couple of months ago, it was horrible… Just horrible!

    When i have time, i use lightroom as well. Sometimes I use photoshop for more intensive stuff, but light room is awesome! (and adobe has discounts for those involved with education… Like Matt!)

  8. oh poor baby + poor whoever is changing poor baby’s pants!! hope he is feeling better soon!!

    i use iphoto and have been talking about getting photoshop and lightroom for a few years now … but i just can’t seem to must up the cash for it.

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