May 24 Weekend

During the May 24 weekend, Canadians are extra happy that they are part of the British Commonwealth.  Why? We get a holiday to celebrate the late Queen Victoria’s birthday!   Normally we pack up the vehicle and head north to spend the holiday at Matt’s family’s cottage – but this year we stayed close to home and just relaxed.  No long weekend traffic, no black bugs, it was pretty nice.  Instead, we went to a birthday party, to dinner at Nate, Matt’s brother’s house, went out for drinks with friends, hung around the house and did yard work, and played in the newly fenced in yard.  It was so nice…. For the most part.

You see, poor Alex has had a bit of a… sour stomach – ALL WEEKEND.  Poor guy – not sure what caused it – something he ate, his molars, or just a bug.  But I tell you – we have not had diapers like this before. Not EVER.  Not fun at all.  Luckily Alex is in pretty good spirits.  I just hope it goes away soon – I’m not sure what the sitter is going to think tomorrow.  Oh yeah – sleep is still an issue – but an issue for another day.


Camera question ladies – what do you use to do basic editing with your pics? My camera didn’t come with anything (that I can see) – do you use Photoshop?