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  1. Oh, you sound just like me! “In your mouth.” and “Where’s your spoon.” are constants during meal time!! I love how abruptly the video stops ­čÖé

  2. Wow, compared to you, we’re MEAN to Olive at the table! I think I’d have a heart attack with a puddingy mess like that. And the vinyl tablecloth is my new best friend.
    Love the end, “ok, gotta go.” ­čÖé

  3. That’s hysterical!! That’s pretty much how S eats his yogurt… so no pudding until he gets the yogurt process down! So funny.

    And I *love* the “gotta go!”

  4. the ending is my favorite! everything has to be dumped upside down.

    that’s what our mornings look like with yogurt and oatmeal! it’s a good thing we don’t use a tablecloth!

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