Guess Who’s …

Two!! Can you believe it? Alex turned two years old today – it seems like just yesterday that he turned one.  This year we celebrated by having a party on Saturday for all of Alex’s friends and some of our friends too.  It was calling for showers, but luckily the rain stayed away and it was warm enough to hang outside.  The kids loved playing on the lumber pile for our fence (I know – safety hazard), and playing with all the outdoor toys.  The party was from about 3:30 – 7, but a few friends stayed until 9:30 – so Alex was up WAY past his bedtime… but he gave us a great birthday present – he slept into 8am!

Today we had a pretty laid back day – slept in (woo hoo!), had swimming, McDonalds for lunch, hung out at home for the afternoon with family visiting throughout the day, Matt working steadily on our fence, and then spaghetti for dinner – Alex’s favourite.  Bedtime was a little melancholy.  A birthday is usually such a celebration – and while Alex’s birthday obviously is a reason to celebrate for us, a part of me aches knowing that there is a woman in South Korea who is most likely wondering what has happened to the boy she gave birth to two years ago today.  I hope she knows we are giving Alex the best life we can and will pay tribute to her whenever possible.

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  1. We were definitely thinking about Alex this weekend! Glad to hear the party went well. The cake looks delicious in the pictures! Happy birthday Alex!!

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