May 24 Weekend

During the May 24 weekend, Canadians are extra happy that they are part of the British Commonwealth.  Why? We get a holiday to celebrate the late Queen Victoria’s birthday!   Normally we pack up the vehicle and head north to spend the holiday at Matt’s family’s cottage – but this year we stayed close to home and just relaxed.  No long weekend traffic, no black bugs, it was pretty nice.  Instead, we went to a birthday party, to dinner at Nate, Matt’s brother’s house, went out for drinks with friends, hung around the house and did yard work, and played in the newly fenced in yard.  It was so nice…. For the most part.

You see, poor Alex has had a bit of a… sour stomach – ALL WEEKEND.  Poor guy – not sure what caused it – something he ate, his molars, or just a bug.  But I tell you – we have not had diapers like this before. Not EVER.  Not fun at all.  Luckily Alex is in pretty good spirits.  I just hope it goes away soon – I’m not sure what the sitter is going to think tomorrow.  Oh yeah – sleep is still an issue – but an issue for another day.


Camera question ladies – what do you use to do basic editing with your pics? My camera didn’t come with anything (that I can see) – do you use Photoshop?

Fun with little animals

Alex’s recently taken an interest in his little farm characters.  He’s had them quite some time, but hasn’t really played with them at all.  This week however they have become his favourite set of toys to play with…. at the table… while he’s eating.  I know – bad habit – but I think it is kinda cute.  The little animals are just from the dollar store – and the other bits are from the retro Fisher Price Farm that you can now buy in a lunch box type container. I even love playing with them – reminds me of when I was a little girl 🙂  The new FP farm just Isn’t the same – the barn door doesn’t moo…

A Change in Plans…

You know when you are growing up how you have a picture of what your life is going to be? A handsome husband, two kids, a boy and a girl, and a dog (or cat), great paying job, all by the time you are 30 – right? But then life happens and things don’t go as planned for whatever reason.  All things considered, I’m a pretty lucky girl. Most of my “plans” have come true. I have a handsome husband [at least I think I do 😉 ], a wonderful little boy, an amazing dog, and a great paying job doing what I love, in a fantastic city.  But Matt and I had to make a pretty tough decision last week. We decided to stop proceeding with our second adoption.  We would love for Alex to have a sibling, and we would love to adopt again – however we are just not there yet. As you know, the adoption process is an emotional roller coaster – and we want to focus on our family of three right now – and enjoy Alex and all his wonderfullness.  As I mentioned – we would love to adopt again, but when we put ourselves on the Call Back list for our agency again, we were just home from Seoul, on a real “adoption high”, and were scared about the potential 2012/2014 cut off date for Korean adoptions.   We assumed we would be ready in a year – but we are not there yet.  It was a very hard (and emotionally draining) decision to make – and honestly, I wasn’t in a very good place for a few days. But things are getting better. I just have to look at Alex and know that I have the most amazing little guy.

So there you have it. That’s the reason for the blogging break. 

Ok, so once I load the software for my NEW CAMERA! I will share some pics from the last week.

Etsy Find

As you know, I’m a HUGE Etsy fan.  I browse Etsy pretty much on a daily basis, hearting all my favourite items and shops.  My newest find is a store called Skinner Studio.  In the shop she sells vintage atlas jewelery – and for those who know me well, know I’m a vintage map fan (stems from my bachelor in Human Geography).  Anyhow, one of her necklaces features South Korea, and one of the cities on the map is where Alex was born in (no, not Pyongyang).  So I ordered it up as a Mother’s Day gift to myself.  I hope it comes before this weekend so I can wear it on Sunday.