Two Timing

Friday was a very busy day – I had two dates.  One with my little guy, and one with my big guy. 

Date 1. 

Friday morning, Alex and I met up with two of my friends and their little boys at an indoor play zone (I’ve posted about it before) for a play date.  We had a great time (minus my favourite jeans getting ripped… they were so well loved). Alex was obsessed with those riding toys (mini cars etc.) and was fascinated with watching the other children.  Sadly my pics are pathetic, I really need a digital SLR (hint hint Matt).

Somehow I managed not to take a single pic of the three boys together, sorry Steph & Cathy – guess we need another play date!

Date 2.

Once I got home from Waterloo, I dropped Alex off at Matt’s parents and went to pick up my second date of the day.  Matt.  He and I had a date in Buffalo at game 5 of the Stanley Cup Play Offs for the Sabres/Bruins series.  We are quite lucky that Matt’s dad has season’s tickets (the arena is only 3 hours away), Thanks Pat and Dale! And the seats are fabulous – a few rows up right behind the home goal!

The singing of Oh Canada

(I think it is time to chop my hair off… that is a horrible pic)

Anyhow – lots of fun during both dates – I have a pair of amazing guys!

Little known Matt and Krista fact: On our first date, I took Matt to an NHL game in Ottawa – Ottawa vs Montreal.  I think that was what sealed our relationship forever.