Birthday Boy!

Last week, Mason, our first boy, celebrated his 5th birthday!  So, what does any good pet owner do? We threw him a party! It was an intimate affair, just a few family members, including Hannah, the newest puppy to the family (although there is another puppy coming in May! – no not us).  Turns out it is quite difficult to take pics of 2 dogs running around in circles.  But here are a few of the pics that I salvaged.

Mason and Hannah waiting to eat their hotdog cookies.

Hannah and Mason enjoying the peanut butter doggy ice cream.

Happy Birthday! (note Puppy was sitting on my lap for sing song)

Hannah being silly.

 And just like a regular child’s party, a few new toys were wrecked, but the dogs all had fun – and that is what matters.  We love you Mason!

13 responses

  1. that is sooo sweet to throw your pup a party! we always celebrate our dogs birthdays with a trip to our local custard shop. they get a small cup to share and they so love it. was the cake for you all or was it made for dogs?

  2. Awww… hope you had a great birthday, Mason! Those hot dog cookies are hilarious. And, I’m amazed at how nicely they’re sitting and waiting! Last time I bought doggy ice cream, it was a big slimy mess… Ick!

  3. Don’t let Al see this! Sadly, it never crossed our mind to have a party for Al’s birthday – of course he’s a rescue dog so we don’t really KNOW his birthday…. but I bet he would love those hotdog cookies 🙂 Happy Birthday Mason!

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