Seoul Brothers #4

I’m finally back online at home and catching up on some posts – enjoy!

On March 13, Matt, Alex and I traveled to Guelph to Karen, Kevin & Lucas’ place to meet up with the other Seoul Brother families (Barb, Andy and Daniel and Belinda, Steve, Adam and Ben).  This was the fourth get together so far – and as always we had a great time.  We spent most of the time catching up on what’s been going on with our boys, and discussing similar issues (sleep, naps, speech etc), issues finalizing adoptions and our future babies.  The boys played together, “sharing” toys and communicating to one another in their own toddler language (which was quite hilarious to watch).  We had dinner, and before we knew it, 4 hours had passed and it was time to leave.  Thank you Karen and Kevin for hosting – we had a great time and can’t wait to see everyone again later in the spring!

Kevin showing the kids how to use finger puppets – from left, Alex, Kevin, Daniel, Lucas and Adam

The short lived couch shot of the boys – Lucas, Daniel, Adam and Alex.

The mommy shot – sadly it is quite blurry… Karen, Belinda, Barb, Me, and Adam 🙂

11 responses

  1. It was a great time, and I can’t wait to see you all again…especially loving Adam’s face in the picture of us girls. He is a ham.

  2. SO cute to see the boys together.
    Hey Alex: Little D just wore that doggie shirt today for the first time. Woof-woof!
    Did all you Mamas plan to wear black?! Meow!

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