Girl’s Night Out

On Friday my long time girl friends and I all got together and went out for a long overdue dinner together.  We went to Pazzo Pizzaria, my favourite restaurant in Stratford, and chatted and ate, and some of us drank 😉  After we took a few glam shots downtown – dont’ ask, we were being silly I guess, and then went for another drink.  Sadly I was home by 10pm (hey – I have a son who isn’t sleeping and had to work on Saturday – so 10pm isn’t too bad).  It was kinda sad though – our friend Suzy is moving to Alberta and we won’t see her until August, so it was a bit of a farewell dinner, a birthday celebration for Sarah, Beth and Steph, a celebratory dinner for Cathy who announced she is pregnant!, and an update on dating and house moves – so a lot going on, and a lot to catch up on. 

Suzanne, Cathy, Melinda and Sarah
Beth, me, Steph, and Christina

(man, I look so tired – even with my new sassy hair – oh wait, that is because I was walking in my sleep)


19 responses

  1. Before I even saw your comment about how you looked, I thought to myself, “She is just so darned cute, and I love that hair!” Seriously. You look great! I’m so glad you got a girls’ night, too. They are very important to keep a girl happy and sane!

  2. The Seoul brother’s pics are *awesome*. And the cop outfit…oh dear!

    I have never seen you look bad in a photo so if that is you looking ‘tired’ I’ll have whatever it is you take…

  3. That’s what you look like when you are tired?! What’s your secret?? That’s better than most days for me! 😉 Love the new hair. Love that you got a GNO. Love that you were home early (that’s my kind of night…)

  4. And what a fun night it was – this year we MUST do this more often. I’m going to spearhead that movement. I miss you ladies and then we get together and it’s FUN, FUN, FUN!

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