Girl’s Night Out

On Friday my long time girl friends and I all got together and went out for a long overdue dinner together.¬† We went to Pazzo Pizzaria, my favourite restaurant in Stratford, and chatted and ate, and some of us drank ūüėȬ† After we took a few glam shots downtown – dont’ ask, we were being silly I guess, and then went for another drink.¬† Sadly I was home by 10pm (hey – I have a son who isn’t sleeping and had to work on Saturday – so 10pm isn’t too bad).¬† It was kinda sad though – our friend Suzy is moving to Alberta and we won’t see her until August, so it was a bit of a farewell dinner, a birthday celebration for Sarah, Beth and Steph, a celebratory dinner for Cathy who announced she is pregnant!, and an update on dating and house moves – so a lot going on, and a lot to catch up on.¬†

Suzanne, Cathy, Melinda and Sarah
Beth, me, Steph, and Christina

(man, I look so tired Рeven with my new sassy hair Рoh wait, that is because I was walking in my sleep)


Bath Time

One of the perks of our new home, is the nice big bath tub.¬† Now I won’t say that bath time is any easier for me with such a huge tub, but Alex really enjoys it.¬† And luckily I do have a cleaning lady ūüėČ

Seoul Brothers #4

I’m finally back online at home and catching up on some posts – enjoy!

On March 13, Matt, Alex and I traveled to Guelph to Karen, Kevin & Lucas’¬†place to meet up with the other Seoul Brother families (Barb, Andy and Daniel and Belinda, Steve, Adam and Ben).¬† This was the fourth get together so far – and as always¬†we had a great time.¬† We spent most of the time catching up on what’s been going on with our boys, and discussing similar issues (sleep, naps, speech etc), issues finalizing adoptions and our future babies.¬† The boys played together, “sharing” toys and communicating to one another in their own toddler language (which was quite hilarious to watch).¬† We had dinner, and before we knew it,¬†4 hours had passed and it was time to leave.¬† Thank you Karen and Kevin for hosting – we had a great time and can’t wait to see everyone again later in the spring!

Kevin showing the kids how to use finger puppets – from left, Alex, Kevin, Daniel, Lucas and Adam

The short lived couch shot of the boys – Lucas, Daniel, Adam and Alex.

The mommy shot – sadly it is quite¬†blurry… Karen, Belinda, Barb, Me, and Adam¬†ūüôā