Tell it like it is Tuesday…

It has been almost a week since we have been in the new house and for the most part, things are going pretty well.  We have a lot of boxes unpacked and things are starting to feel like home.  The one thing however that has been an issue is SLEEP – or should I say the LACK of SLEEP.  Since we moved in, Alex has not slept through the night – which is so unusual for him (as you know – I used to “brag” about how wonderful of a sleeper Alex was).   

Here’s the deal: 

  • We put Alex to bed as per our usual routine – bath, stories, bed around 7:30pm. 
  • As we attempt to leave the room, he starts screaming.  I have to now lay on the floor and console him – he’s asleep within a few min.
  • Around 12:30am, we hear crying again – this time, nothing will work to console him – unless we hold him.  But once he’s asleep and he is laid in the crib, more uncontrollable cries and screams.  We have tried to let him “cry it out” – but the crying can go on for an hour.  Last night I even set up camp beside Alex’s crib and tried to get him to calm done to no avail.  I laid him on the floor with me – and he quickly went to sleep.
  • So obviously I cannot sleep on the floor all night (I’m getting “old” ladies), nor can I stay awake all night and then try to work all day.  The end result is that Alex comes into our bed, which is not ideal – at all.  He sleeps (thrashes) there until about 6am when he wakes up and starts poking us in the face, or honking our nose – or just crying. 

The poor little guy has so much going on – the move to a new house and a new room, his 2 year molars coming in, and his new ability to climb out of the crib.  BTW – we lowered the crib to the floor – and he has since climbed out – yes – he can do it even with the mattress lowered another 6 inches… it has only happened once, but it has happened.

I’m actually adjusting to the sleep deprivation quite well (thank goodness for coffee!).  I’m also doing research on how we can make it easier for Alex to sleep in his own room. It might just take time.  Tonight is Matt’s turn to try to get Alex to sleep in his room – wish Matt luck!

Alex's new hiding place

Mmmm.... ice cream!

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  1. Ugh, sorry about the sleep. But I think you hit the nail on the head when you said he’s got a LOT going on. Poor guy. I wish they understood enough to get it all sorted out…
    Hang in there and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it gets better SOON.

  2. Oh Alex…What a cutie. Who won’t sleep.

    We are going through something similar the past few weeks. We think it is due to being in a ‘big boy bed’, getting a lot more verbal and independent, etc.Here is what we found that works:

    After bath and books it used to be Mommy bringing him up to bed- then a few weeks ago the flipping out commenced! Horrible. For hours. We finally tried switching it to PAPA bringing him to bed and for whatever reason, it is working! We have no idea why except maybe I’m more of a sucker and he knows it 😉

    We are very explicit in telling him what is going to happen- “first bath, then you can choose 3 books, then bed”. We go over this several times throughout and make sure he’s listening…he’s now repeating it somewhat and appears to be a bit more ‘prepared’.

    Good luck!

  3. I feel your pain on the sleep issues. Noah was doing amazing for months ( sleeping on a futon in his own room ) and then December rolled around and he started waking every dang night. Of course since there is plenty of room on the futon, that is usually where I wind up. Not the best habit, but at least I get sleep.
    Worst part now is that he actually slept straight thru 12 hours last night, and I slept like crap in my own bed! ( probably because I was waiting for him to cry all night…and he didn’t, and now I’m used to the futon. ) Whew! I’m still trying to figure it all out!
    Hopefully once Alex gets a bit more comfortable in the new house he’ll be back to his old ways! ( fingers crossed for you! )

  4. Put this on the agenda for discussion Friday night at dinner – we’re having very similar problems at our house!
    P.S. – can’t wait to see you!

  5. I feel your pain on lack of sleep. We think two year old molars are starting up for Xander too. Good luck and hopefully Alex will get used all the new stuff and get back to his better sleeping habits!!

  6. You know I know this pain all too well…

    And he probably needs more consoling than normal. Do you have an air mattress? We find when we have a down turn that using the air mattress works wonders. When S starts crying, one of us will go in there and soothe then place him back in the crib and lie down. We make sure S can see us still, but he’s in his crib, we’re on the bed. It’s not the best night’s sleep we’ve ever gotten, but it works.

    Hang in there Mama! It will get better… he’s just in a rough spot. And if you need to, take a sick day from work and send A to daycare and get some Zzzz!

  7. Poor guy – it does sound like he has a lot going on. But it definitely sounds like his biggest issue is needing re-assurance in his new environment that you guys are still going to be there. When it comes to all of the sleep issues we’ve had, the Sleep Sense Program is where we have found all of our success. Shoot me an email if you want a copy of it (it’s a downloadable file). Good luck!!!
    (amarrano55 at gmail dot com)

  8. We moved when Camden was 3.5, and I had NO idea how much it would affect him! My guess is he’ll settle down when he’s had a little more time to adjust. Hang in there!

  9. Oh, Krista! I can’t believe Alex got out of the crib! It only took Adam one week after we lowered it, but I was hoping Alex would last longer like Daniel. I don’t have any good suggestions, but a big boy bed could work, and you would be able to crawl into his bed if need be.

  10. Daniel’s sleeping has been inconsistent since moving to the big boy bed. It is getting better though, so I’m confident that, if you find a bedtime/nighttime plan that you like, stick with it. Consistency and structure will help Alex realize that the new house isn’t scary and you’re still around, forever! Unfortunately that does involve some tears, but you know when you’re dealing with manipulative tears and true “I need you” tears.

  11. hey there Krista,
    I so feel your pain. Alex turned into a crib jumper, so we felt like we started from square one on his getting adjusted to a big boy bed, and his new big boy bedroom (we transitioned him out of his nursery to make room for Michael). It sounds like your A. needs to feel secure in his environment. We’re still adjusting after two months, but every night is better than the previous one. We have gotten to retraining him OUT of his (our) bad habits for falling asleep, and now he’s sleeping thru the night. It just takes time, and the feeling of security is the first step.
    Good luck! Michelle

  12. Oh Krista! I hope that things are getting better for Alex and for you. Poor little guy! It must be very scary for him to be in a new place. He just needs some time to adjust and realize that his new home is just as safe and secure as your other one. I hope you can also solve your climbing out of the crib issue. Hang in there! I would put a mattress on the floor too. I had to do that for Lucas for a little while. It definitely helped me to get a bit more sleep.

  13. Ahhh…sleep…seems like this is a tricky tango indeed. We’re having issues getting D down (which used to be pretty easy) and then him waking up way too early. Ugh.

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