The Move

Phew – we are no longer the owners of two homes! We said goodbye to our old place this morning… I had a few tears… but I’m better now ūüėČ

The move went really well. The weather was phenomenal – warm and sunny. We had great helpers that had us pretty much moved completely in 6 hours – not too bad.¬† I had to work that night (highly do not recommend doing that), so I was just exhausted by 9pm on Wednesday (don’t worry – I still got a green beer in there!).¬† The one problem we encountered however is that our phone company did not have us registered for our hookup at the new location properly – they have us scheduled for March 26… so no phone, no Internet service, I’m lost.¬† I can’t believe how much we rely on the web – unbelievable.¬† I just sneaked into work to check on some banking etc, so I thought I would make a quick update post.¬† I will TRY to check my Google Reader during my breaks next week – but sorry gals, I won’t be as active in the blogging world for at least a week.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions on Alex and his crib…. He did it again last night by-the-way – and ended up sleeping in our bed for about 3 hours (he slept into 8am though – so that was nice).¬† I’m going to drop the mattress to the floor tonight and hopefully that will prevent Alex from leaping over the railing – seriously!¬† The¬†kid still has trouble getting up on the couch – but he can clear a crib¬†– unreal. ¬†The only problem with¬†that situation that¬†I can foresee is that I will not be able to change him easily in the night – so perhaps it is time for those overnight diapers.

Gotta run and get back to unpacking!