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  1. So that must mean that somehow on Saturday, Daniel and Adam told Alex how to get out! Those stinkers! Try taking out the mattress support and dropping the mattress to the floor. It will keep him in for awhile, at least until you figure out what you want to do for his next bed. We converted Adam’s crib to a double bed, but you may want to use Alex’s crib for #2.

  2. A lot of people will say it’s time for a bed, but everything I’ve read says that is the WRONG thing to do. Beyond that, I’m at a loss. Does he respond well to very clear instructions? If so… have a serious discussion about staying in bed. Eek!

  3. Xander got up on the couch by himself the other night, but luckily has not repeated the trick today. I’m dreading when he’ll be able to the climb out the crib!! Good luck 🙂

  4. Oh yeah…

    Well, a few months ago Minh started trying to climb out of his (he wears a sleeping bag with arm holes to bed which prevented him from actually succeeding).

    About 3 weeks ago we flipped the railing down to make his ‘big boy bed’ (it is low enough do do so) and he loves it.

    I think as far as ‘when a good time is’ to switch to a bed is up to you and what you feel he’s ready for. We didn’t read anything or even ask anyone- we just asked Minh and played it by ear.

    I would think about putting some massive cushions under his crib though for now, just in case he falls…YIKES!

  5. Our oldest boy (now almost 12!) wasn’t quite 2 years old when he decided to climb out of his crib. It happened 3 times at 2 in the morning- so I dragged a mattress from the spare room and set it on the floor. I had heard too many stories of kids climbing out and breaking an arm or leg. I had to put a gate across his door so he wouldn’t escape and hurt himself. It ended up working out fine.
    Best of luck to you! 🙂

  6. Oh no! Colin swings his leg up over the rails now but we explain over and over to him that he needs to stay in his crib to wait for mommy and daddy. Colin also wears the Halo sleep bags, which zips him in a neat little package. That may help to deter the issue until he learns to unzip himself out.

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