So we bought a house.

Today we got possession of our new place and we are so excited! The house is in a new neighbourhood with a pile of people we know – including two other families who are adopting internationally! Also another couple that we hang out with in our current neighbourhood is moving there at the end of April, and another old neighbour moved there in December.  Also just around the corner a new park is being put in.

The new house is good for us for a number of reasons.  Mainly it is a single family home.  We currently live in a semi – and while we don’t have problems with our neighbours, there is really just something about owning all 4 walls around you.  This place also has STORAGE! Something our current place doesn’t have  (it is finished top to bottom).  We really are not gaining any space in the new house – just different space.  For instance, we are getting a pantry, more closets, a fruit cellar, and as weird as it may seem – that is really important to us.  Our new basement isn’t finished, but we have great plans for it – office, rec room, 3rd bathroom…. We are losing our wonderful large family room (where most of my pics are taken), but are getting a smaller rec room above the garage that will be really cozy. 

Lots to do at the new place though – right a way we need to do some painting, fix a few holes in the walls (don’t get me started) and once the snow is gone, we need to put in a fence, finish the deck, get a shed, and add gardens, trees, and what I’ve been waiting for – a clothes line.

Like everything in our lives, there are always a few hiccups.  For the new house, it was the fact that the house was a foreclosure – so we had an issue with an assumed water heater contract – but we should be able to get out of it thanks to our lawyers (no way am I paying someone else’s arrears!).  In our current house, last week our central vac was acting up and had to be serviced (never a problem until now… of course), and on Wednesday I actually pulled the front door handle off when trying to get into our house – yes I am super woman.

We still have our current house for another two weeks, hopefully that will make the move a little less stressful (yeah right – you should feel the tension in my shoulders right now).   Anyone want to help lift some boxes?

23 responses

  1. What a beautiful house – I love the front porch. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with wanting more closets. Our overflow of “stuff” goes to my parents’ basement! Good luck with the move 🙂 .

  2. So excited for you! The house looks (and sounds) great! Moving is a pain in the ass, but so worth it in the end – especially if you’ll end up in a great neighborhood 🙂

  3. i LOVE your new house! so cute! it sounds like a great neighborhood too! i hope everything goes smoothly with the move! it’s so nice that you have some time to do it!

  4. Congrats! What a beautiful house. How nice that you already know some of your neighbors. Have fun moving in and making it “your own.”

  5. Congratulations! Or as we say in Holland…”Gefeliciteerd!”

    It’s beautiful. Really awesome- can’t wait to hear/see what you do. All the very best xx

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