22 Months!

Wow – I can’t believe it, but Alex is 22 months old today!  That means, just 2 months until he is 2!  Oh my goodness!  Time is just flying by – this was Alex just one year ago today.  In tribute to 22 months, I’m going to share 22 things about Alex:

  1. Alex still loves to be read to.  His current favs: Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle and Llama Llama Red Pajama (Thanks to whoever suggested it!)
  2. Alex has joined the millions of Elmo loving kids.  We can put on an Elmo dvd (courtesy of the public library), and he will sit STILL for as long as it is on the TV (not that we do that very often!).
  3. Alex LOVES his ‘Pappa’.  For the longest time we thought that meant Matt’s Dad – but turns out it means both his Dad and his Mom!  He will repeat Pappa until he see’s one of them – adorable!
  4. Alex still has his strong bond with “puppy”.  He also still sucks on two of his fingers when he is tired.
  5. Alex loves to be overly dramatic – when he crys, he covers his mouth and sobs like he is on a soap opera.  Too much Y&R I guess.
  6. His newest fixation is checking for “toe jam” when he takes off his socks.
  7. Yesterday Alex said “more” for the first time!  He has always signed more – but now he is verbalizing!
  8. Alex as I’ve mentioned, doesn’t have a huge vocab yet.  But here is what he does have: please, more!, peas, berry, bath, ball, puppy, momma, dada, papa, Ma (mason), play, bubbles, baba, bye, hi, bike, up, apple and yeah.
  9. What Alex lacks in vocab, he more than makes up in comprehension. That little monkey understands everything!
  10. He loves to play “ring a round the rosie”
  11. When Alex wants you to play with him, he grabs your finger and pulls you down on the ground – saying please or play repeatedly.
  12. Alex is a singer.  You can catch him every so often bobbing around, singing his heart out.  The sitter says that he loves to play with the microphone at her place when music videos are on!
  13. Earlier this year, Alex started Splashers and Bubblers at our local YMCA. He LOVES the water! He doesn’t always kick like he is supposed to… but he really enjoys jumping off the side of the pool.
  14. Alex makes the funniest faces.  All you have to say is show me your funny face and he squishes his face all up. I’m working on “smile”
  15. Alex still is a pretty good sleeper.  You put him in his crib at 7:30, and he sleeps straight until approx 7am the next day.  I can even take him out around 11pm and change his diaper – without him waking up!
  16. As for diapers… I don’t want to jinx it, but Alex hasn’t removed his diaper on his own yet! Phew!  I know it is coming… but as long as he holds off I’m happy.  He has also not climbed out of his crib yet!
  17. Alex likes to dress himself.  He can get his pants on, and his boots and hat – but not his shirt or socks yet.  He also doesn’t undress himself yet – just his socks.
  18. Alex has started to hit every so often.  When he does, he gets a time out and then when his 2 min are up, I give him a hug and we talk about why hitting is wrong.  After that he will give you a kiss.
  19. Have I mentioned that Alex LOVES hockey?
  20. Alex has become a tad more picky when it comes to food lately.  Not sure why – I’m thinking it is his teeth and the fact that he is a toddler.  But when he does eat – for the most part, he isn’t as messy as he used to be.  He can eat a bowl of spaghetti with hardly any mess!
  21. Alex loves to play Matt’s guitar and his cousin’s drum set – I think we might have a hockey loving, book reading, musician here!
  22. Alex is the most amazing little boy.  I cannot imagine our life without him!

19 responses

  1. What a great list! I love hearing about what your little guy is up to. And I have to say….soooo jealous of the sleep over here! Maybe Alex can have a chat with Noah? 🙂

  2. There’s so many great things here! I can’t even pick my faves (although you know I’m jealous about the sleep thing – right?!) I will say that our boys would have a blast together, so many similarities.

    Oh Alex, you make me smile…

    (And that’s a GREAT vocab list!)

  3. What a great update! I’m with Christine: totally jealous of the sleep thing. I love the fact that he likes to sing with the microphone when music videos are on! Xander and Alex have many similarities – I can’t wait for them to meet!

  4. That sure sums him up perfectly! You should have seen his happy face after he said “more” & I said “you did it!” Priceless. He is an amazing little boy & a precious addition to our family

  5. Your list is soooo long! That is wonderful on all his new accomplishments. Swim class is the greatest we found. Also, we find the same with Colin, whatever he lacks in saying, he makes up with understanding. A bit scary at times for us parents of course!
    GO ALEX!

  6. I also Love the TOE JAM thing. Funny! What a great list. Changing a diaper in mid-sleep? What? That would never happen here. I’m also jealous of the sleep thing. We have a total early riser here: I’m talking 5:45 or 6:00 AM. Yesterday was 5:30. Ugh. He goes to bed well, sleeps well, but wakes up SO early.

  7. Our Adam and Alex are so much alike on many of your points, including the sleep! I can’t wait to see Alex at our next Seoul Brothers get together. What a sweetheart!

  8. 22 months! wow! that means C will be 2 in 5 months! holy cow! where does the time go??!!

    i love your list! it’s so great to hear all the things he is doing and learning. what an amazing little guy!

    do tell how you change him in the night without waking him! i have been contemplating that, since C soaks through his over night diapers some nights.

    • I go in before bed, lights off, but enough glow from the hallway that I can see, but it does’nt wake him, pick him up, lay him on the floor and change him. I make sure not to make much noise and have all the supplies out before so it’s fast. Then I put him back in the crib and get the heck out of there 🙂 It really helps because then he isn’t soaked through in the morning. Good luck if you try it!

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