Girl’s Night Out

On Friday my long time girl friends and I all got together and went out for a long overdue dinner together.¬† We went to Pazzo Pizzaria, my favourite restaurant in Stratford, and chatted and ate, and some of us drank ūüėȬ† After we took a few glam shots downtown – dont’ ask, we were being silly I guess, and then went for another drink.¬† Sadly I was home by 10pm (hey – I have a son who isn’t sleeping and had to work on Saturday – so 10pm isn’t too bad).¬† It was kinda sad though – our friend Suzy is moving to Alberta and we won’t see her until August, so it was a bit of a farewell dinner, a birthday celebration for Sarah, Beth and Steph, a celebratory dinner for Cathy who announced she is pregnant!, and an update on dating and house moves – so a lot going on, and a lot to catch up on.¬†

Suzanne, Cathy, Melinda and Sarah
Beth, me, Steph, and Christina

(man, I look so tired Рeven with my new sassy hair Рoh wait, that is because I was walking in my sleep)


Bath Time

One of the perks of our new home, is the nice big bath tub.¬† Now I won’t say that bath time is any easier for me with such a huge tub, but Alex really enjoys it.¬† And luckily I do have a cleaning lady ūüėČ

Seoul Brothers #4

I’m finally back online at home and catching up on some posts – enjoy!

On March 13, Matt, Alex and I traveled to Guelph to Karen, Kevin & Lucas’¬†place to meet up with the other Seoul Brother families (Barb, Andy and Daniel and Belinda, Steve, Adam and Ben).¬† This was the fourth get together so far – and as always¬†we had a great time.¬† We spent most of the time catching up on what’s been going on with our boys, and discussing similar issues (sleep, naps, speech etc), issues finalizing adoptions and our future babies.¬† The boys played together, “sharing” toys and communicating to one another in their own toddler language (which was quite hilarious to watch).¬† We had dinner, and before we knew it,¬†4 hours had passed and it was time to leave.¬† Thank you Karen and Kevin for hosting – we had a great time and can’t wait to see everyone again later in the spring!

Kevin showing the kids how to use finger puppets – from left, Alex, Kevin, Daniel, Lucas and Adam

The short lived couch shot of the boys – Lucas, Daniel, Adam and Alex.

The mommy shot – sadly it is quite¬†blurry… Karen, Belinda, Barb, Me, and Adam¬†ūüôā

Tell it like it is Tuesday…

It has been almost a week since we have been in the new house and for the most part, things are going pretty well.¬† We have a lot of boxes unpacked and things are starting to feel like home.¬† The one thing however that has been an issue is SLEEP – or should I say the LACK of SLEEP.¬† Since we moved in, Alex has not slept through the night – which is so unusual for him (as you know – I used to “brag” about how wonderful of a¬†sleeper Alex¬†was).¬†¬†¬†

Here’s the deal:¬†

  • We put Alex to bed as per our usual routine – bath, stories, bed around 7:30pm.¬†
  • As we attempt to leave the room, he starts screaming.¬† I have to now lay on the floor and console him – he’s asleep within a few min.
  • Around 12:30am, we hear crying again – this time, nothing will work to console him – unless we hold him.¬† But once he’s asleep and he is laid in the crib, more uncontrollable cries and screams.¬† We have tried to let him “cry it out” – but the crying can go on for an hour.¬† Last night I even set up camp beside Alex’s crib and tried to get him to calm done to no avail.¬† I laid him on the floor with me – and he quickly went to sleep.
  • So obviously I cannot sleep on the floor all night (I’m getting “old” ladies), nor can I stay awake all night and then try to work all day.¬† The end result is that Alex comes into our bed, which is not ideal – at all.¬† He sleeps (thrashes) there until about 6am when he wakes up and starts poking us in the face, or honking our nose – or just crying.¬†

The poor little guy has so much going on – the move to a new house and a new room, his 2 year molars coming in, and his new ability to climb out of the crib.¬† BTW – we lowered the crib to the floor – and he has since climbed out – yes – he can do it even with the mattress lowered another 6 inches… it has only happened once, but it has happened.

I’m actually adjusting to the sleep deprivation quite well (thank goodness for coffee!).¬† I’m also doing research on how we can make it easier for Alex to sleep in his own room. It might just take time.¬† Tonight is Matt’s turn to try to get Alex to sleep in his room – wish Matt luck!

Alex's new hiding place

Mmmm.... ice cream!

The Move

Phew – we are no longer the owners of two homes! We said goodbye to our old place this morning… I had a few tears… but I’m better now ūüėČ

The move went really well. The weather was phenomenal – warm and sunny. We had great helpers that had us pretty much moved completely in 6 hours – not too bad.¬† I had to work that night (highly do not recommend doing that), so I was just exhausted by 9pm on Wednesday (don’t worry – I still got a green beer in there!).¬† The one problem we encountered however is that our phone company did not have us registered for our hookup at the new location properly – they have us scheduled for March 26… so no phone, no Internet service, I’m lost.¬† I can’t believe how much we rely on the web – unbelievable.¬† I just sneaked into work to check on some banking etc, so I thought I would make a quick update post.¬† I will TRY to check my Google Reader during my breaks next week – but sorry gals, I won’t be as active in the blogging world for at least a week.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions on Alex and his crib…. He did it again last night by-the-way – and ended up sleeping in our bed for about 3 hours (he slept into 8am though – so that was nice).¬† I’m going to drop the mattress to the floor tonight and hopefully that will prevent Alex from leaping over the railing – seriously!¬† The¬†kid still has trouble getting up on the couch – but he can clear a crib¬†– unreal. ¬†The only problem with¬†that situation that¬†I can foresee is that I will not be able to change him easily in the night – so perhaps it is time for those overnight diapers.

Gotta run and get back to unpacking!

Tell it like it is Tuesday

Tomorrow’s the big day – we are finally moving into our new house! I have real mixed emotions about it right now.¬† I’m excited about the house, but I’m quite sad to leave our current place. There are so many memories here.¬† It’s the first house that we bought together, we got Mason when we lived here, we brought Alex home to this house, this is where he took his first steps, said his first words and so much more.¬† I know the next house will have a lot more firsts in it, but it isn’t quite the same.¬†¬†

I must admit I’m sick of moving – I’ve been sick of moving for about a week. (BTW – I’m¬†also sick with yet ANOTHER¬†sinus cold!!¬† When will the madness¬†end?!)¬† We are having a garage sale in the spring as a fundraiser for our second adoption, so we are moving all sorts of things we no longer need or use – but want to sell. I keep boxing up stuff thinking I will want it in the future (think 3 Cabbage Patch dolls, Strawberry Shortcake dolls) – but then when we actually do the lifting of the boxes and put them in the new house I keep thinking “what the heck are you doing?!” Purge!!

So I highly recommend that if you are moving and want to have a garage sale Рdo it BEFORE you move.  Also, only keep things that are useful, beautiful, or make you happy.  I wish I saw that billboard a few weeks ago.

I would like to share some pics from this past weekend’s Seoul Brothers get together, but my camera cord is packed away somewhere and I’m not sure where it is right now…¬† So here is just a cute pic of Alex from last week.

This is Alex on Elmo

So we bought a house.

Today we got possession of our new place and we are so excited! The house is in a new neighbourhood with a pile of people we know Рincluding two other families who are adopting internationally! Also another couple that we hang out with in our current neighbourhood is moving there at the end of April, and another old neighbour moved there in December.  Also just around the corner a new park is being put in.

The new house is good for us for a number of reasons.¬† Mainly it is a single family home.¬† We currently live in a semi – and while we don’t have problems with our neighbours, there is really just something about owning all 4 walls around you.¬† This place also has STORAGE! Something our current place doesn’t have¬† (it is finished top to bottom).¬† We really are not gaining any space in the new house – just different space.¬† For instance, we are getting a pantry, more closets, a fruit cellar, and as weird as it may seem – that is really important to us.¬† Our new basement isn’t finished, but we have great plans for it – office, rec room, 3rd bathroom…. We are losing¬†our wonderful¬†large family room (where most of my pics are taken), but are getting a smaller rec room above the garage that will be really cozy.¬†

Lots to do at the new place though – right a way we need to do some painting, fix a few holes in the walls (don’t get me started) and once the snow is gone, we need to put in a fence, finish the deck, get a shed, and add gardens, trees, and what I’ve been waiting for – a clothes line.

Like everything¬†in our lives, there are always a few hiccups.¬† For the new house, it was the fact that the house was a foreclosure – so we had an issue with an assumed water heater contract – but we should be able to get out of it thanks to our lawyers (no way am I paying someone else’s arrears!).¬† In our current house, last week our central vac was acting up and had to be serviced (never a problem until now… of course), and on Wednesday I actually pulled the front door handle off when trying to get into our house – yes I am super woman.

We still have our current house for another two weeks, hopefully that will make the move a little less stressful (yeah right Рyou should feel the tension in my shoulders right now).   Anyone want to help lift some boxes?