Alex LOVES hockey.  He doesn’t like it – or really like it.  He LOVES hockey.

When hockey comes on TV he screams and points.  After Alex is done his morning milk, he runs to find his mini sticks, one for him and one for Matt or I, and we have to play until breakfast.  Pretty much any spare time is devoted to improving his hockey skills.  And I must admit – he is pretty good.  Alex loves to play with multiple balls – it makes it much more fun. 

Remember how I mentioned that Alex loves the Sears catalogue?  Guess what – he still does – especially the hockey toys:


Hmmmm... what do I want?


I Believe!

For the last 17 days, there has been nothing on our TV besides the Olympics (surprise surprise!).  We have gone Olympic crazy at our place.  We have been cheering for Canada and for South Korea every chance we have.   Also we have been looking for Matt’s brother Nathan – he is in Whistler on police duty – what a great opportunity!  Tonight’s win against the US (sorry ladies), was the icing on the cake. Well done Team Canada!  Not just the hockey players, but every athlete who participated in the Vancouver Olympics did an amazing job and did Canada proud.

There were many memorable moments during this year’s games.  But by far, I think the skate by Joannie Rochette was the most special.  For those who perhaps didn’t hear, shortly after her parents arrived in Vancouver, Joannie’s mother died suddenly.  Despite her obvious emotional pain, Joannie stayed at the games and skated to win a bronze medal in women’s figure skating.  What an ultimate tribute to her mother.  The finale of Joannie’s skate when she looked to heaven was so moving, I’m teary thinking about it now.

I have also been an emotional mess when watching the recap videos, and especially when I watch the new Tim H*rtons commercial (you have to watch it if you haven’t already!)

All I can say is Well Done Canada!! 26 medals, 14 GOLDS!  I Believe!