Sorry for the delay…

in announcing the winner of last week’s contest.  As you know both Alex and I were sick, but we are feeling 110% better now.  So I decided tonight we will do the draw.  I had a bowl out, and everyone’s name in the bowl.  Alex sat on my lap and Matt filmed the big reveal… and the video camera battery ran out.   But we did get a winner picked:

Sara Ropp!  Sara is a friend of mine from highschool… hence her question about my most memorable highschool moment.  So congrats Sara!  I will be in touch about a prize.

After the video camera fiasco, I tried to have Matt take some pics of Alex picking Sara’s name from the bowl again… but it didn’t work out that way.

13 responses

  1. Well it means so much more that Alex picked my name! Thanks so much! I hope we can arrange a lunch date so I can pick up my prize, although lunch with you after being friends for all these years would be prize enough!

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