Few more questions… and answers

Here are the rest of the questions and my answers – I will do the draw this weekend!  Hopefully Alex will be feeling well enough to help out.  He has a bad cough, runny nose, and now a bad diaper rash.  Poor guy.

Kelly asked : Which awesome Canadian athlete are you rooting for in the Olympics??
I actually don’t have a fav Olympic athlete – I would say though I’m rooting for both the men’s and women’s hockey teams. 

Colleen  What is one of your most memorable/favorite moments so far since Alex has been home?
Wow – so many… I think the best moment was when Matt was away, and I was getting Alex ready for bed, and I was tickling him a bit – he giggled and giggled – it was beautiful.  I think the best sound is a child laughing. 

heidi  asked Have you already started picking out names for your future kiddo #2?
We actually have – we have two names picked – a girl name and a boy name.  I’m not going to say them (you all know about name stealing 😉 ) but I’ll just say they are classic names.

Belinda asked “How many tattoos do you have? Where and what of?”
I have two – for now.  I have a lady bug on the back of my hip area. I got it in highschool.  My second is a large celtic design on my lower back.  I got that one in my second year of university.  I say so far, because the plan (for the last year) has been to get a tattoo of Alex’s Korean name – this one will be higher up on my back – but we keep postponing – it will happen soon – we just need to make the appointment (the parlour we want to use is out of town so it isn’t as convenient).

Barbara asked If you could be an Olympian, which sport would be the one you’d want to compete in…?”
Ha Ha Ha!! Barb you are so funny! Since you’ve asked me this, I’ve been contemplating it.  I do not have an athletic bone in my body… but if I did, I think the downhill skiing looks fun – or the snowboard cross looks pretty cool.

waitingforlucas  What kind of advice you would give a new adoptive parent? (ie. any survival tips?)
I would say 1. work out your arms – you will be carrying a bigger baby and you will need your strength.  2. Try to create a routine for the baby – it helps with the adjustment for them – and for you.  3. Do what feels right for your family – not all advice is good advice for parenting an adopted child.  4. Oh yeah – and get your sleep.  Most of us are adopting children who are grieving, jet lagged, and teething…  a rough combination.

Sara asked What is your favourite memory of high school? ”
Now that is another hard one! Our camping trip that crazy May 24 to the Hideaway isn’t.  I’m still mad that I lost my camera.  I always loved the Grade 12 parties and the Prom parties – they were always a blast.

Emily asked “Other than when you went to korea, what is your favorite trip you’ve ever taken?”
It would have to be New York City.  In March 2008, Matt and I took a trip to NYC – and I would go back there in a heartbeat.  I love the excitement, the buzz, the shopping, the history, and the fact that there is so much to do and see there.  And John’s Pizzeria on 44th Street… yum!! Mozza wedges…