Tell it like it is Tuesday

I had high expectations for this past weekend.  It was supposed to be full of fun celebrations and relaxation.  But was it? No.  I’m going to whine here so either brace yourself or don’t bother reading 😉

Saturday – I had to work – Love my job, but hey, it’s Saturday. And once again, I was sick – this time it’s another bad cold.

Saturday night – Alex had his first sleep over at grandma and grandpa’s!! He did wonderful, sleeping all night in a play pen – the first time since last summer! Matt and I went out for dinner to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary (yesterday) and Valentine’s Day.  Dinner was really nice, we went to the Annex Room, a local restaurant where we were going to go for my birthday, but since I had the flu, that didn’t happen.  After dinner, we went for a drink.  About 3 sips in, we decided we were too tired and wanted to go home (it was 10pm). So we went home, fell asleep watching the Olympics (Go Canada!) and were up in bed by 11pm.  Wild night.

Sunday – still sick. Happy Valentines.  Matt and Alex gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers – thanks boys!  I had such bad sinus pain that every time I bent over, my head felt like it was going to explode.  Did I mention Alex is sick?  He has a cold, and his 2 year molars are starting to get active.  Happy Lunar New Year…

Monday – yep – still sick.  And it is was our Anniversary and it was Family Day in Ontario.  We hung out, went for a walk, but pretty much just vegged, trying to feel better.  Matt and Alex did make me some heart shaped pancakes though.

So, no photos, no energy, and not a whole lot of fun.  I need to get rid of the February blahs…