A few answers to your questions…

There is still lots of time to ask questions – and a chance to win a fabulous prize! 

In the mean time, I thought I would get a start on some answers…

Elizabeth asked If you could travel ANYWHERE in the world, where would you go. (Answer the question twice: once for a vacation *with* child(ren) and once without!)
Hmm… that’s a tricky one – I have always wanted to travel to Germany.  The history of the country is very intrguing and Matt also lived there for 2 years.  With the kiddies… I think Disney.  I never had the opportunity to go as a child and am excited about the idea of going there with Alex and #2 – in a few years though.

Sue asked I always love to know, so why South Korea?
Like a lot of families, when we first decided to adopt, we thought China.  However we contacted our agency, they were advising against signing up with the program since it was a 4-5 year wait.  So we looked at the program listing again, and quickly decided South Korea was a more logical fit. Firstly Matt’s brother was married to a South Korean adoptee and their children are half Korean – so there was a Korean link already in our family.  Mike and Kim are now divorced, so Alex doesn’t have a relationship with her, but he has a great bond with his cousins.  Also the idea that the children available for adoption in Korea were in foster care was appealing. 

Joanna asked How did you and your husband meet?
I met Matt when I was 15 years old – he was on a date with my best friend.  Luckily their relationship didn’t last!  We knew each other through high school – and he claimes he has always had a crush on me.  But it was back in October 2000 when I was home from Ottawa for a wedding when I ran into him at a local bar and we started chatting, he walked me home, and when he took a taxi home after we talked for an hour or more, he told the taxi driver that he was going to marry me.  And the rest is history!  We will actually be celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary this Monday.

Emily asked In adoption #2 are you hoping for another boy or do you want a girl?
If I’m being honest – a girl.  But in Canada, we are not allowed to choose boy or girl – so whoever we are referred – boy or girl – will be a blessing.

Ari asked “How has being a parent been different then you expected?”
The one thing that I thought would be different was the ability to socialize with my friends.  When we were trying to get pregnant, and when we were waiting for our referral, it seemed like my friends were always getting together and having playdates etc.  I thought when Alex came home we would have lots of fun social time with the girls and our babies.  But since Alex has been home, that hasn’t been the case.  Everyone’s pretty much back to work and are busy with their lives.  So being home alone at times was tough (thank goodness for blogging friends!) I do have the occassional play date with one of the girls here and there – but it isn’t what I expected.

Kelly asked What led you to a career in library science?
I was at Brock doing my undergrad (see below), and my professor was asking what we had wanted to be as a child – and I said I had wanted to be a Librarian.  He mentioned that it was a grad program at Western, so I decided why not… applied and got in.

Rebecca  asked What was your undergrad in?
My undergrad was in Human Geography.  Graduated in a class of  only 7 students from Brock.

Christine  Mine is : Top three books of all time!?
Ok – that is a tough one!  I don’t think I’ll put  them in order on them, but here are some of my all time favs
The Lovely Bones by Alice Siebold
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Christine K asked  I’m curious as to whether or not you will be taking Alex with you to Korea!
Not this time.  I think he will be too young still to handle that length of travel – and jet lag with two kids would be insane.  We want to do a homeland tour perhaps when he is 10 and he can appreciate it more.  But for now, it looks like it will be Matt and I going alone.