Where I Blog

Elizabeth has dared all us bloggers to show where we blog – and for now this is it:

Our computer is in our office, and it sits on a big old desk.  The desk used to belong to Matt’s parents and when they decided to get rid of it – we too it off their hands.  Our desk is always cluttered with paperwork (Matt will be annoyed with this pic!) – but hey – we are busy!  No super comfy chair – we keep meaning to get a nice big desk chair – but for now it is an old kitchen chair (prevents me from sitting here for hours and hours).  I love that we have a nice huge monitor – but I really miss the portability of a laptop.  Above our desk is our wall of debt. 

I’m not sure where I will be blogging when we move (less than a month – oh my goodness!!!).  Our new house, while it does have a lot of space, it isn’t as large as our current home.  For a short while the office will be in our spare bedroom, but as we get closer to 2011, it will be turning into a nursery, so the computer will move once again.  perhaps to the basement – not sure.  Or, maybe by then we will get a laptop that will be a tad more portable and storable.  Who knows.  Ok – just rambling along now so I’ll end this post now 🙂

8 responses

  1. I love seeing where people blog. I need to do this too. And I also love that you have a “wall of debt. ” So do we, so do we … Sigh. (Honestly I assumed Canada – being cooler than the U.S. in many ways – had free eduction like Europe, no?)

    • Sadly – no free education here! Not as much as the US thank goodness… but I think my studnet loans were about $35,000 when I was done.

  2. I’m with the others – “wall of debt” is a hilarious (yet true) way to put it. I also love that you have a chair that’s so uncomfortable (says you) that it punishes you for spending too much time on the computer. Ha!

  3. I have to laugh along with the others at your “wall of debt”! Very funny indeed!
    I just got a new chair a few weeks ago for my desk. My back was getting all jacked up from sitting sideways with my feet propped up on the wall. Yes, I’m quite the lady. 😉

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