As you know, this past week we celebrated having Alex in our arms for one whole year.   To round off the week, we decided to have a Korean meal with Matt’s family.  Finally.  I’m ashamed to say that this is the first full Korean meal we have had since Alex was home.  But to our defence, there isn’t a store in Stratford that sells Korean groceries – the closest one is about 30 min away.  There also are no Korean restaurants.  Just a few corner stores owned by Korean families – and sometimes you can find treats like Korean soda or snacks there.  So yesterday morning, the three of us went to the small Asian market in Kitchener.  We got lots of goodies – kimchi, tempura mix, rice cakes, sweet red bean paste pastries, snacks, seaweed sheets and lots more. On the way home I gave Alex a small piece of the seaweed – let’s just say it isn’t his favourite thing to eat.  Matt thinks Alex thought it was punishment for something.  We will have him try it again someday…  I was hoping they might have some little toys there – but no such luck.  Guess I will have to order Alex Pororo toys from eBay.

So our meal was as follows:

Onion Ring snacks
Korean sweet cakes
Tempura prawns

Main Dish
Korean sticky rice
Sweet and Sour Pork (from this book – don’t include the egg in the sauce if you try this recipe – it has to be a typo)
Bugolgi (Matt’s mom brought this)

Sweet red bean pastries (the fish shaped ones)

Everything turned out amazing!  We used our Korean pottery, chopsticks, and placements – all bought in Insadong market.  I downed my kimchi, Alex loved the bugolgi, rice and pork, but unfortunately the pastries were not Matt’s favourite.   We have a lot of leftovers – yum! We won’t wait for another year to make a dish or two – that’s for sure.

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  1. Yum, yum, yum!!! You know what? I think Alex and Olive are the only two Korean kiddos who don’t like the seaweed! We bought a ton of it, based on the other kids we know LOVING it. And now we’re stuck with it.

  2. YUM!!!

    I love those placemats!! Hmmm…. brainstorming now…

    Sounds delicious! Sorry that Alex didn’t like the seaweed… that’s always a hit here!

    And also sorry your store is so far away! 😦
    (Ours is about 20 minutes… but worth the drive)

  3. Everything looks and sounds yummy! We’re lucky enough to have one Korean restaurant in Windsor and the dishes taste very similar to what we ate in Korea. I’m still trying out different recipes for bulgogi, hopefully I’ll find a great one soon!

  4. Looks delish…you could probably get all the ingredients for bibimbap in Stratford. When I make bibimbap, I marinate ground beef in the PC Memories of Korea sauce…then I just julienne and stir fry carrots (sometimes you can buy them julienned), cucumber, shitake mushrooms…and bean sprouts and baby spinach…fry a couple of eggs, and cut them into strips. Add everything together and enjoy….It’s really easy and tastes pretty authentic. Of course you need the red pepper paste. We just use Go-Chu-Jang (in the red containers) Let me know if you need us to get you some before we see you next.

  5. Good for you guys! The meal sounds delish. I’m looking forward to Korean food this coming week-end to celebrate Lunar New Year. Barb and Andy are great at preparing Korean dishes. We usually take advantage of their delicious cooking!

  6. Congratulations, and what a wonderful way to celebrate being a family for one whole year! Your photos are totally making my mouth water. I think we’re going to have some Korean food this weekend for Seollal. It’s been way too long…

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