A family for 1 year!

As of today, Alex, Matt and I have been together for a full year!  Thinking back, I get overwhelmed at what an emotional day it was.  It truly was heartbreaking leaving the SWS after seeing how much Alex’s foster mom loved him – and we knew how much she was going to miss him.  Some of you commented about the hug Alex, his foster mom and I shared in our flashback show – it was a real special moment.  I had to cut that very short, because those of you who have been there know how personal that can be.  I wanted to share it with all of you since you have been with us on our journey – but at the same time, I wanted to keep it private (so you got a glimpse before the tears started flowing).   

We didn’t do much tonight to celebrate, just some extra special cuddles at bedtime.  This weekend we will be having a homemade Korean meal (wish us luck), and perhaps a treat or two for Alex.  I wish we had tacken a new family shot tonight – but Alex is coming down with a cold, and I’m getting over one, so tonight wasn’t the best for photos – this weekend for sure. 

Since I’ve been doing photo flashback, here are a couple from one year ago today. 




Love this pic - even though it is blurry. (silly flash)