Alex LOVES hockey.  He doesn’t like it – or really like it.  He LOVES hockey.

When hockey comes on TV he screams and points.  After Alex is done his morning milk, he runs to find his mini sticks, one for him and one for Matt or I, and we have to play until breakfast.  Pretty much any spare time is devoted to improving his hockey skills.  And I must admit – he is pretty good.  Alex loves to play with multiple balls – it makes it much more fun. 

Remember how I mentioned that Alex loves the Sears catalogue?  Guess what – he still does – especially the hockey toys:


Hmmmm... what do I want?


I Believe!

For the last 17 days, there has been nothing on our TV besides the Olympics (surprise surprise!).  We have gone Olympic crazy at our place.  We have been cheering for Canada and for South Korea every chance we have.   Also we have been looking for Matt’s brother Nathan – he is in Whistler on police duty – what a great opportunity!  Tonight’s win against the US (sorry ladies), was the icing on the cake. Well done Team Canada!  Not just the hockey players, but every athlete who participated in the Vancouver Olympics did an amazing job and did Canada proud.

There were many memorable moments during this year’s games.  But by far, I think the skate by Joannie Rochette was the most special.  For those who perhaps didn’t hear, shortly after her parents arrived in Vancouver, Joannie’s mother died suddenly.  Despite her obvious emotional pain, Joannie stayed at the games and skated to win a bronze medal in women’s figure skating.  What an ultimate tribute to her mother.  The finale of Joannie’s skate when she looked to heaven was so moving, I’m teary thinking about it now.

I have also been an emotional mess when watching the recap videos, and especially when I watch the new Tim H*rtons commercial (you have to watch it if you haven’t already!)

All I can say is Well Done Canada!! 26 medals, 14 GOLDS!  I Believe!

Sorry for the delay…

in announcing the winner of last week’s contest.  As you know both Alex and I were sick, but we are feeling 110% better now.  So I decided tonight we will do the draw.  I had a bowl out, and everyone’s name in the bowl.  Alex sat on my lap and Matt filmed the big reveal… and the video camera battery ran out.   But we did get a winner picked:

Sara Ropp!  Sara is a friend of mine from highschool… hence her question about my most memorable highschool moment.  So congrats Sara!  I will be in touch about a prize.

After the video camera fiasco, I tried to have Matt take some pics of Alex picking Sara’s name from the bowl again… but it didn’t work out that way.

Few more questions… and answers

Here are the rest of the questions and my answers – I will do the draw this weekend!  Hopefully Alex will be feeling well enough to help out.  He has a bad cough, runny nose, and now a bad diaper rash.  Poor guy.

Kelly asked : Which awesome Canadian athlete are you rooting for in the Olympics??
I actually don’t have a fav Olympic athlete – I would say though I’m rooting for both the men’s and women’s hockey teams. 

Colleen  What is one of your most memorable/favorite moments so far since Alex has been home?
Wow – so many… I think the best moment was when Matt was away, and I was getting Alex ready for bed, and I was tickling him a bit – he giggled and giggled – it was beautiful.  I think the best sound is a child laughing. 

heidi  asked Have you already started picking out names for your future kiddo #2?
We actually have – we have two names picked – a girl name and a boy name.  I’m not going to say them (you all know about name stealing 😉 ) but I’ll just say they are classic names.

Belinda asked “How many tattoos do you have? Where and what of?”
I have two – for now.  I have a lady bug on the back of my hip area. I got it in highschool.  My second is a large celtic design on my lower back.  I got that one in my second year of university.  I say so far, because the plan (for the last year) has been to get a tattoo of Alex’s Korean name – this one will be higher up on my back – but we keep postponing – it will happen soon – we just need to make the appointment (the parlour we want to use is out of town so it isn’t as convenient).

Barbara asked If you could be an Olympian, which sport would be the one you’d want to compete in…?”
Ha Ha Ha!! Barb you are so funny! Since you’ve asked me this, I’ve been contemplating it.  I do not have an athletic bone in my body… but if I did, I think the downhill skiing looks fun – or the snowboard cross looks pretty cool.

waitingforlucas  What kind of advice you would give a new adoptive parent? (ie. any survival tips?)
I would say 1. work out your arms – you will be carrying a bigger baby and you will need your strength.  2. Try to create a routine for the baby – it helps with the adjustment for them – and for you.  3. Do what feels right for your family – not all advice is good advice for parenting an adopted child.  4. Oh yeah – and get your sleep.  Most of us are adopting children who are grieving, jet lagged, and teething…  a rough combination.

Sara asked What is your favourite memory of high school? ”
Now that is another hard one! Our camping trip that crazy May 24 to the Hideaway isn’t.  I’m still mad that I lost my camera.  I always loved the Grade 12 parties and the Prom parties – they were always a blast.

Emily asked “Other than when you went to korea, what is your favorite trip you’ve ever taken?”
It would have to be New York City.  In March 2008, Matt and I took a trip to NYC – and I would go back there in a heartbeat.  I love the excitement, the buzz, the shopping, the history, and the fact that there is so much to do and see there.  And John’s Pizzeria on 44th Street… yum!! Mozza wedges…

Tell it like it is Tuesday

I had high expectations for this past weekend.  It was supposed to be full of fun celebrations and relaxation.  But was it? No.  I’m going to whine here so either brace yourself or don’t bother reading 😉

Saturday – I had to work – Love my job, but hey, it’s Saturday. And once again, I was sick – this time it’s another bad cold.

Saturday night – Alex had his first sleep over at grandma and grandpa’s!! He did wonderful, sleeping all night in a play pen – the first time since last summer! Matt and I went out for dinner to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary (yesterday) and Valentine’s Day.  Dinner was really nice, we went to the Annex Room, a local restaurant where we were going to go for my birthday, but since I had the flu, that didn’t happen.  After dinner, we went for a drink.  About 3 sips in, we decided we were too tired and wanted to go home (it was 10pm). So we went home, fell asleep watching the Olympics (Go Canada!) and were up in bed by 11pm.  Wild night.

Sunday – still sick. Happy Valentines.  Matt and Alex gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers – thanks boys!  I had such bad sinus pain that every time I bent over, my head felt like it was going to explode.  Did I mention Alex is sick?  He has a cold, and his 2 year molars are starting to get active.  Happy Lunar New Year…

Monday – yep – still sick.  And it is was our Anniversary and it was Family Day in Ontario.  We hung out, went for a walk, but pretty much just vegged, trying to feel better.  Matt and Alex did make me some heart shaped pancakes though.

So, no photos, no energy, and not a whole lot of fun.  I need to get rid of the February blahs…

A few answers to your questions…

There is still lots of time to ask questions – and a chance to win a fabulous prize! 

In the mean time, I thought I would get a start on some answers…

Elizabeth asked If you could travel ANYWHERE in the world, where would you go. (Answer the question twice: once for a vacation *with* child(ren) and once without!)
Hmm… that’s a tricky one – I have always wanted to travel to Germany.  The history of the country is very intrguing and Matt also lived there for 2 years.  With the kiddies… I think Disney.  I never had the opportunity to go as a child and am excited about the idea of going there with Alex and #2 – in a few years though.

Sue asked I always love to know, so why South Korea?
Like a lot of families, when we first decided to adopt, we thought China.  However we contacted our agency, they were advising against signing up with the program since it was a 4-5 year wait.  So we looked at the program listing again, and quickly decided South Korea was a more logical fit. Firstly Matt’s brother was married to a South Korean adoptee and their children are half Korean – so there was a Korean link already in our family.  Mike and Kim are now divorced, so Alex doesn’t have a relationship with her, but he has a great bond with his cousins.  Also the idea that the children available for adoption in Korea were in foster care was appealing. 

Joanna asked How did you and your husband meet?
I met Matt when I was 15 years old – he was on a date with my best friend.  Luckily their relationship didn’t last!  We knew each other through high school – and he claimes he has always had a crush on me.  But it was back in October 2000 when I was home from Ottawa for a wedding when I ran into him at a local bar and we started chatting, he walked me home, and when he took a taxi home after we talked for an hour or more, he told the taxi driver that he was going to marry me.  And the rest is history!  We will actually be celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary this Monday.

Emily asked In adoption #2 are you hoping for another boy or do you want a girl?
If I’m being honest – a girl.  But in Canada, we are not allowed to choose boy or girl – so whoever we are referred – boy or girl – will be a blessing.

Ari asked “How has being a parent been different then you expected?”
The one thing that I thought would be different was the ability to socialize with my friends.  When we were trying to get pregnant, and when we were waiting for our referral, it seemed like my friends were always getting together and having playdates etc.  I thought when Alex came home we would have lots of fun social time with the girls and our babies.  But since Alex has been home, that hasn’t been the case.  Everyone’s pretty much back to work and are busy with their lives.  So being home alone at times was tough (thank goodness for blogging friends!) I do have the occassional play date with one of the girls here and there – but it isn’t what I expected.

Kelly asked What led you to a career in library science?
I was at Brock doing my undergrad (see below), and my professor was asking what we had wanted to be as a child – and I said I had wanted to be a Librarian.  He mentioned that it was a grad program at Western, so I decided why not… applied and got in.

Rebecca  asked What was your undergrad in?
My undergrad was in Human Geography.  Graduated in a class of  only 7 students from Brock.

Christine  Mine is : Top three books of all time!?
Ok – that is a tough one!  I don’t think I’ll put  them in order on them, but here are some of my all time favs
The Lovely Bones by Alice Siebold
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Christine K asked  I’m curious as to whether or not you will be taking Alex with you to Korea!
Not this time.  I think he will be too young still to handle that length of travel – and jet lag with two kids would be insane.  We want to do a homeland tour perhaps when he is 10 and he can appreciate it more.  But for now, it looks like it will be Matt and I going alone.

Valentines Crafts

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by a fellow Librarian that I work with to make a few crafty bits for her Valentines Party as well as gifts for her daughters.  I had two heart brooches for sale on Etsy, so she took those as give aways for her party:

And for her daughters, I made something that I’ve been considering making for some time – velvet button cuffs:

I had seen something similar for sale at a local store – and thought, hey I could make those – and make them a lot nicer! So, red for VDay!  Now I need to make one for myself – by Sunday… probably not.  Black is more my colour anyhow 🙂


What?  How did I miss that our blog has been visited over 50,000 times?!   I’m the nerdy type of person who actually gets excited when special numbers are hit – like the odometer in the car hitting 123,456km (I still remember where I was when that happened)…  It is just crazy that I missed it!  Thank you to everyone who has viewed our blog and followed along on our adoption journey – and beyond.  

I was meaning to have a give away when we hit 50,000 – but I thought I’d have some time to prepare – guess not!  So, I’ll steal an idea that some of you have used on your blogs.  Ask me a question – and for every question, you get an entry to a special little giveaway – something made by me perhaps… perhaps something Korean themed – who knows.  So ask away!  You have a week – so until February 17.