What a Week!

Seriously – what a week!  On Wednesday I mentioned that we had an offer accepted on a house Monday, Tuesday we listed…  Since then we have had our financing approved, and last night we sold our house! We are in total shock at how quickly things have moved. Mind you we are very happy things are actually working out as planned.  So we are looking at new appliances, a vacuum (we have central vac here), pricing of a fence, and so much more.  So we should be fully moved in by March 19.  We are really going to miss this place – it is an awesome home, with great neighbours, but it is time to move on to a new project.

On the home study front, we have decided to delay meeting with our AP until mid March.  Our AP is so sweet – she sent us all the paperwork so we can get it all ready to go, then when we finally meet, it won’t take as long to process.  She most likely will have paperwork done by mid April – amazing woman!  This way we can focus on the home study – and not get too over whelmed with moving and  home study paperwork at the same time.