Wordless Wednesday

Well, almost Wordless.  I have today off so Alex and I are spending some fun time together.  Here are a few shots from this morning.

This is what happened when Alex decided to throw Puppy in the washing machine - which was full of water. Puppy had to go for the full wash and dry. Not a happy time.


Trying on mommy's boots & monkey hat.

Alex looks kinda concerned - but I love this shot.

18 responses

  1. In the first pic, Alex looks like Colin. Wow. Double take over here.
    Poor puppy. We too have a puppy and Colin also has taken to Piggy. (clever names huh?) I cannot imagine the horror that would come with one of them going in the washing machine. Yikes.

    Glad you have the day together. And welcome to no nap-ville! We should have a party.

  2. Oh, Puppy! I will never forget the time when I was 7 or 8 and my youngest brother’s Wicket (the Ewok) had to “take a bath” in the washing machine. He reacted like it looks Alex did!

  3. That’s EXACTLY what Lily looks like when her beloved Puppy goes in the wash!!! Even if we’ve talked about how filthy he is and why he needs a bath, even if she willingly added him to the suds, the minute that lid closes, it’s meltdown time. Puppy usually gets the bleach treatment, but he never makes it to the dryer. Lily can’t be separated from him that long!

  4. That first picture is priceless. How upsetting to give Puppy an unexpected bath…but what a cute photo opportunity!

    I hope you are well and that you enjoyed your day off together.

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