Bottle be gone… almost

I don’t want to jinx it, but it has been a week of no night-time bottles!  We have been giving Alex his milk in a sippy cup, and he is actually drinking it – a big improvement since previously the cups would be thrown on the ground.  Alex has always taken juice and water from a cup – but not his milk – so this is a huge!  Hopefully soon he will finish his milk at dinner and night-time milk will be done for good.

Now on to the morning bottle… think I will try that this weekend – wish us luck!

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  1. Way to go Alex! At the beginning of January, Adam gave up his only bottle that he took before bed. He just wasn’t drinking it and wasn’t showing any interest in it any more, so we got rid of it and changed his bedtime routine. It has worked out great.

  2. Best of luck! Alex looks like such a big boy drinking from his sippy cup. Lucas is also done with the bottles since the new year, but I must admit we probably could have gotten ridden of them a lot sooner. Now, I hope that getting rid of the soother at sleeptime will be just as easy! LOL!

  3. Look at that face…oh my word that is so adorable!

    We let Minh decide when he was ready to give it up (haha). We started cutting down by one and in about 2 months it was fine- all done.

    Congrats on the milk in cup!

  4. That’s so cute! Ugh, I’m dreading getting rid of the nighttime bottle. I don’t know what everyone else does, but we soothe D to sleep with his bottle, he falls asleep in our arms, then we carefully transition him to the crib. I know it’s probably a bad habit, and now I don’t know how we’ll ever get him to sleep without it!

  5. Yahoo! That is big news for any little guy or gal indeed! Noah is nowhere near ready to give up nap time or bed time bottles. ( I guess I’m not ready either. ) Doesn’t help any that when I talked to my social worker about it, she told me when her son was 4 years old, he held up his bottle and proclaimed, “My bottle, My Life!!!” ( how cute is that?!!!) Yeah, she certainly wasn’t pushing me along to wean him off. 🙂

  6. anxious to hear how that morning bottle is going away. i decided to quit rubin cold turkey. and it went VERY WELL except for the fact that he isn’t crazy about drinking milk out of his sippies. i have to water it down to get him to take any. ugh.

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