Friends and our Blog

When I started this blog back in April 2008, I wasn’t sure what it would really turn into.  The main reason I created it was to keep our friends and family in the loop about our adoption process – like I’m sure most other adoption blogs start out as.  Also I created it to keep track of what was happening myself! 

But our blog expanded to so much more.  I never thought I would meet (virtually and physically) such amazing people, many who are or have gone through the same highs and lows that we endured through the adoption paperwork, the waiting, the travelling, and the teething.  I truly consider my blogging buddies my friends.  I talk to Matt at the dinner table about the various mommies and their adventures – and he asks – ok, who does this baby belong to? or where do they live?  I’m sure I drive him nuts.  I communicate with most of you more than I do with my “in person” friends.  I can’t believe there have been almost 50,000 hits, from countries all over the world.  I’m going to have to do a give away to celebrate in a few weeks!

This year I was able to exchange Christmas cards with some of my blogging buddies – it was so much fun opening your cards, and sharing new faces with our visiting family and friends.  I think this simple little gesture shows how much we all mean to one another.

I love reading the comments my posts receive.  I have received so much assistance and support, I very thankful.  Recently I received a comment from an adoptee thanking me for sharing our story since it gave her a new perspective on the adoption process.   And actually on Sunday we are meeting with a couple who are considering adoption and have read our blog from beginning-to-end (from what I understand last weekend)!  For these reason alone, I know the blog has done some good, for both Matt and I and for others.

The blog started out with the name Robinson’s Are Waiting – but when Alex came home, we switched it to When You Wish Upon A Star – because our wish had come true.  Now that we will begin the waiting process again this year, I might just change everything up and change the name yet again – who knows!

So, since tomorrow we will celebrate the second most important phone call we have ever received, and start in on the anniversary of being a family for one year, I want to say Thank You!  Thank you to everyone  who has supported us, who has given us advice, and to those who have followed along.  I hope you continue to read on as we start the adoption process yet again later this year.