New Year Resolutions

We all have them – we all break them. 

I was contemplating whether or not I should post about this, but since I have a few minutes why not.  Here are my goals for 2010:

1. Get presentable in a bathing suit. In November we will be travelling south for a wedding and I want to look decent.  My friends always say I have nothing to worry about since I am so skinny – but there is a huge difference between being skinny and being fit. (btw – how can I be a size 0 in some brands, but a 7 in others?  Drives me nuts!)

2. Give up my Creative Gals blog.  The reason behind the blog was to connect with my girlfriends for our weekly craft night…which happened I think 3 times.  So I’ll forgo that blog and just post here if I have something crafty to share.  This one I can mark as completed!

3. I was going to give up Etsy – but I have a very strong addiction – and can’t do it at this time.  I’ve actually opened a second Etsy store that I hope to share my new crafting ideas – but will share that when I’m ready.

4. Matt and I will go away – overnight – alone. 

5. We will start our second adoption!! Amazing to think that there is a woman half way around the world that will be carrying our child this year.

6. See a naturalpath about my endometriosis – perhaps acupuncture can help with the pain – surgery hasn’t worked long term.

7. I will start Alex’s Life Book – that is a very important resolution that I can not break.

What is one of your resolutions for 2010?