Hockey Day in Canada…

and Stratford!  Yesterday was Hockey Day in Canada – a day where Canadians celebrate our national sport – hockey.  Each year, a different location across the country is chosen to host the big day, while most communities also celebrate with local events.  This year – Stratford was the host city – and that is our home town!  So all week there have been events going on around town, the stores downtown were all decked out in hockey colours, with blue and yellow ribbons and there was a real buzz in the air as hockey celebrities descended on Stratford.  On Friday I went to get my hair done and it just so happened that the salon had given out an invitation to Don Cherry & Ron Maclean (hosts of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada) to have spa services done – and the CBC came in to interview the salon owner.  I had colour on my roots at the time, so luckily I was hidden from view of the cameras (although they did catch my boots at one point).  Matt went skating with his school with hockey celebs and his uncle Dean, a local author, was interviewed about Howie Morenz, the Stratford Streak, a famous Hab. 

So yesterday, in the -18C weather, we  got bundled up and went down to the festivities.  It was pretty cool to see, but it was way too COLD to stay around very long – especially since most activities were outside.  There was a lot of ice skating on the river, you could have your picture taken with the Stanley Cup, or you could watch hockey all day long.  After about an hour we went back home and watched the rest of Hockey Day on tv…. and played mini sticks.


When you wish upon a star…

… your dreams can come true.  And ours certainly did.  

One year ago today we met our son.  It still seems surreal that we travelled around the world and were blessed to be able to bring home the most amazing and beautiful little boy.   This year has been the best year ever (although I really could have done without teething and H1N1).  We have learned so much – and it is amazing how much love you can have for someone.  I can’t wait to watch Alex grow into a young man… I know it will happen in a blink of an eye – and that saddens me, but it also reminds me to enjoy every second we have with Alex because he truly is a wish come true. 

Here’s a little video I put together of our trip to Seoul, meeting Alex, our Forever Family Day, and then our trip home.  I hope you like it.

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

What a Week!

Seriously – what a week!  On Wednesday I mentioned that we had an offer accepted on a house Monday, Tuesday we listed…  Since then we have had our financing approved, and last night we sold our house! We are in total shock at how quickly things have moved. Mind you we are very happy things are actually working out as planned.  So we are looking at new appliances, a vacuum (we have central vac here), pricing of a fence, and so much more.  So we should be fully moved in by March 19.  We are really going to miss this place – it is an awesome home, with great neighbours, but it is time to move on to a new project.

On the home study front, we have decided to delay meeting with our AP until mid March.  Our AP is so sweet – she sent us all the paperwork so we can get it all ready to go, then when we finally meet, it won’t take as long to process.  She most likely will have paperwork done by mid April – amazing woman!  This way we can focus on the home study – and not get too over whelmed with moving and  home study paperwork at the same time.

Busy? Understatement

Sorry for being MIA from the blogging world the last week (really, the last few weeks… or is it months?)  But a lot has been going on around here. 

First of all, we hopefully will be moving in March.  We have been looking at houses for a few months now, wanting a single family home (we are in a semi), and perhaps something in the country with a little property.  Last week we found something, not rural, but a single home within our price range, that is only 2 years old.  And it is so cute! So we have an offer in, and it has been accepted… but we have to sell our place first! We listed it last night, and already have had interest (should be seeing an offer tonight!).  We have been decluttering, boxing things up and staging in general (thank goodness for all those TLC shows).  I’m really going to miss this place, but I think it is time to move on.  We said we would live here 5 years, and we are in our 6th.  The new place has a lot of potential, and there are some really nice people in the new neighbourhood.  I’m really going to miss our current neighbours though (luckily I work with a couple of them!).

Secondly, the night we were finalizing our offer on the new house, I got an email that stated we could start working on our homestudy! Seriously – an hour before we were signing our offer, and getting our house listed…  While we are super excited to start the process to Alex’s brother or sister… it was a big shock.  We were expecting this summer to start, but since the Ministry of Child and Youth Services is taking about 17 weeks to process applications (it was only 8 weeks when we adopted Alex), we were advised to start earlier.  So, now we are talking to our adoption practitioner about a possible start date.  I’m hoping to start in March.  I think February is going to be too busy with packing etc., and we want her to evaluate us in our new home (fingers crossed!).

Little man Alex has also been keeping us on our toes.  He is faster than the speed of light it seems, and lots and lots of fun.  His newest obsession (besides trucks) is hockey.  Which is perfect for Matt…. and the fact that Hockey Day in Canada is being hosted in Stratford this weekend!  Should be fun.  He is also now taking swimming lessons on Sunday morning.  Pics coming this weekend.  We’ve been battling some very dry skin on Alex’s throat – and since he likes to scratch, we are not winning the fight.  Actually hydrocortizone cream has been helping quite a bit. 

So there you have it.  Where were are right now.  So much for Wordless Wednesday.  Another post coming later too!!  I guess I’m making up for lost time.


For Haiti

A quick post tonight. 

I just made a donation to CanadaforHaiti – just a drop in the bucket, but every bit helps.  It breaks my heart hearing the stories, seeing the pictures.  I just can’t imagine.   As a crafter, I wanted to share a  link to yet another great fundraiser for the Haiti effort – Craft Hope.  It’s an etsy shop and all proceeds will go towards Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.  So… if you have a birthday coming up, an anniversary, or just want to buy yourself a present, look here first.   Once they reopen donations for items, I’m planning on donating one of my brooches (every bit helps right?!)

We can make a difference.

Wordless Wednesday

Well, almost Wordless.  I have today off so Alex and I are spending some fun time together.  Here are a few shots from this morning.

This is what happened when Alex decided to throw Puppy in the washing machine - which was full of water. Puppy had to go for the full wash and dry. Not a happy time.


Trying on mommy's boots & monkey hat.

Alex looks kinda concerned - but I love this shot.

Bottle be gone… almost

I don’t want to jinx it, but it has been a week of no night-time bottles!  We have been giving Alex his milk in a sippy cup, and he is actually drinking it – a big improvement since previously the cups would be thrown on the ground.  Alex has always taken juice and water from a cup – but not his milk – so this is a huge!  Hopefully soon he will finish his milk at dinner and night-time milk will be done for good.

Now on to the morning bottle… think I will try that this weekend – wish us luck!

One Year Ago…

One year ago right about now… we received the second most important phone call a waiting parent could get – the Travel Call!  The Library wasn’t open, so no one was answering the phone.  Maria from CB called Matt at work when she couldn’t reach me.  When Matt got the news, he tried to call me – but of course he couldn’t because of the whole phone thing.  In the mean time, I had e-mailed Maria to tell her if she had any good news for us, she could call me at a certain extension since I wasn’t in my office and didn’t know I  had voice mail (I know – confusing), and instead I got an email back, “Haven’t you spoken to Matt yet? – Go get your son!” 

The rest of the day was a blur.  I couldn’t concentrate so I went home early, and poor Matt was in the midst of trying to teach and trying to arrange accommodations and plane tickets.  I have goose bumps thinking about it again.  And a huge grin on my face!