Tell It Like It Is Tuesday

Puppy.  Alex is quite attached to Puppy.  At first we thought it was wonderful – he had a toy that was a comfort to him, he would cuddle it when he slept etc.  As soon as Puppy is in Alex’s grip, his two fingers go in his mouth, and he is relaxed.  However – Puppy has caused some problems in the past.  We forgot him once when we went away overnight – let me just say, no one slept that night.  Also if Puppy gets lost in the crib at night, Alex will wake up crying for Puppy – usually he finds him on his own, but sometimes you need to go in and assist in the search.

Look at the death grip on Puppy!

Now for the last couple of days, at the beginning of nap time, Alex has been fighting his very needed nap – crying, then throwing Puppy out of his crib (we saw this a few months ago), then crying uncontrollably for Puppy.  He is using Puppy to get out of nap time!  We go in, give him back Puppy – try to console him a bit, then leave – then the crying begins and you hear Puppy hitting the floor.  Grrr….  From what I hear – this is a trend in our Korean babes – perhaps they have been having late night convo’s…

Puppy has seen better days.  He and Alex first started their strong bond back in May.   He was quite silky – but now is really matted.  We try to wash him at least twice a month – but sometimes even that is tough.  So – I bought a second Puppy! I thought it would be good to have incase Puppy got lost, damaged, etc.  Tonight I introduced Alex to the new Puppy – he cried and pushed new Puppy away.  I think that relationship will take a while to solidify.

New Puppy and Old Puppy

16 responses

  1. those 2 puppies next to each other are great! you can see how much Alex loves his puppy! i hope puppy2 makes the cut!

    we have a similar problem with pacis and towely at nap time. C throws them out and stands and cries because he doesn’t have them. sigh.

  2. Oh man. We’ve had some similar moments over here with Xavier’s pillow. It’s so great that you were able to buy a second puppy. I think I’m going to have to make a second pillow.

  3. I was hoping Xander would attach himself to stuffy, but maybe we’re better off. . . Good luck with getting puppy number two on Alex’s good side!! (and good luck with naps, too!)

  4. Hey we have a ‘Puppy’ also. We use the same name and everything. Although I will admit, Colin is not attached to it like Alex. Colin really doesn’t have much of an attachment but we are still working on it. And yes, the Korean nation must be talking to each other and saying NO SLEEP lately.

  5. I think you should check you long distance bill… I think Matt might be allowing some unauthorized phone calls!

    Love the shot of Alex and Puppy. Unfortunately, Spencer really doesn’t have an attachment like that. It’s kind of sad…

  6. Oh dear!
    We just bought a second “lovey”…and I’m glad I did. So far he hasn’t noticed the difference…and we’ll just get them both broken in at the same time.

  7. that picture is precious. nothing like a sleeping baby, eh?

    we have the puppies, too. three of them. theo has had spunky since he was 5 days old, and he has slept with him EVERY SINGLE NIGHT except for one… Christmas Eve 3 years ago he got locked in church!! i searched ebay FRANTICALLY for a replacement, never found one. we are just ridiculously careful now.
    it can be such a pain in the butt, can’t it??
    but it’s adorable, too.

  8. Hilarious that you just posted about this topic, because last night, on the way home from Andy’s grandparents’ house, we thought we might have forgotten our Puppy. I started freaking out, so we had to call the g-parents to make sure they’d put it in one of our many bags. They had. Phew! I said that we need to find another puppy for back-up…but as you’ve observed, it’s not an easy transition…So much fun!

  9. Puppy looks a lot like our bunny, very loved and worn! I dread the day bunny goes missing because I think Nolan will have the melt down of all melt downs! We have a bunny that was Ila’s that is identical but he won’t even go near it!

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